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Central Bank of Nigeria's (CBN) governor Godwin Emefiele. / AFP PHOTO / PHILIP OJISUA
Devaluation has put the real value of the country’s debt stock at around N18.9 trillion, when considered at the official rate of N307.79 per dollar, according to figures from the Debt Management Office.
5 hours ago 2  Nigeria
Zambia will host Nigeria in Ndola on October 9 and Obuh believes that if the players replicated the standard they have so far displayed for their clubs, the Eagles would win the game.
5 hours ago  Sport
President Muhammadu Buhari had recently invited the United Nations to act as mediator in discussions with the sect’s leaders, to secure the girls’ freedom from 900 days of captivity.
5 hours ago  Nigeria
Electricity Tranformer
As the Senate prepares to screen nominees to the board of the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC), some stakeholders have set an agenda for the new management.
5 hours ago  Nigeria
Diuretics are used to rid the body of extra fluid or salt. People with high blood pressure, heart failure, swollen tissues, and kidney disease often use diuretics to treat these conditions.
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