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Companies empower youth with entrepreneural skills


SNEPCo, in partnership with Leadership, Effectiveness, Accountability and Professionalism (LEAP) Africa, a leadership development organization, has empowered undergraduates and graduates with leadership, employability, entrepreneurial and social skills to prepare them for Nigeria’s competitive job market; and increase their chances of setting up their own enterprise. The programme held in Ibadan is one of SNEPCo’s commitments towards youth development. 

    In a statement made available to The Guardian, LEAP Africa stated that the dearth of experienced graduates with high competencies in Nigeria job market is not a new phenomenon. 

    “Beyond technical knowledge, an employability training is necessary to limit obscurities that may deny fresh graduates opportunities to securing jobs which makes the YEP relevant. Additionally, another important component of YEP is raising social responsibility among youth. A significant number of young adult in our society have low sense of national identity and eroded values which otherwise can help to eradicate corrupt practices.

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