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Credit switch boosts Africa’s credit transfer ecosystem


Credit-SwitchCredit Switch has launched a product that will accelerate the growth of mobile ecosystem in Africa. The new product entails an interoperability between the various platforms that allows transfer of credit.

The innovative and unprecedented feat by Credit Switch, an international mobile top up company will allow phone users to transfer credit irrespective of the operator’s platform.The first of its kind is completed with the short code*931#.

In a period where users’ mobile phone is the most trusted partner that they have, especially to stay connected in a digitally wired world, short code *931# is secured, convenient, easy, fast and proven, according to the originators of the product.

Acclaimed as a next level product, coming out of Africa, *931#, a dialing short code will motivate techie start-ups and encourage investments in mobile app development.

It will prompt an entirely new awareness of the upward growth and development of the ICT /It sector in Nigeria and Africa.Mr Tayo Adigun, managing director of Credit Switch, said that the idea was borne out of interest in giving solutions and making life easy for phone users.

The idea that you can’t share your credit except you are on the same operator platform has become very boring and even frustrating.For instance, you have two phones with two different GSM operators Sim cards and you have more than enough credit on a particular one, instead of buying more credit, you can always take out the other that has more than enough.

This innovation has been adopted by leading GSM operators in the country, Airtel and Glorified, which means the users of both can start enjoying the unique service that the company is offering through them.

According to Adigun, the novel offering is also about convenience and bonding for families and friends.“Convenience to transfer airtime when there is no other top up means a lot to millions of Nigerians. Also the code application allows families and friends to share airtime. Right now we are starting with Global and Airtel, we know other operators will engage in little or no time,” he added.

Credit Switch was built on an idea that users to share or sell airtime across any network across different countries. Credit switch limited is an international mobile top up company, created to simplify the sale and distribution of airtime globally. With this technology, you can top up credit for family and friends worldwide from the comfort of your laptop or mobile device.

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