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Avoid The Misery Of Ear Mites


Petlife kk 21-3-15 CopyEAR mites, or Otodectes, are from the Arachnid family, like spiders.

An ear mite infection is a nightmare for any animal. They cause untold misery that renders your pets highly irritable, uncomfortable and completely disheveled.

One hallmark of ear mite infestation is an abundant dark brown or black, waxy discharge.

Also, ear mites cause intense itching that leads to constant shaking of the head and/or scratching at ears. The amount of scratching and shaking depends on the severity of the infestation.

The affected ears are thickened, appear powdery on their medial surfaces and may or may not elicit pain upon touch.


IF the infected pet shakes his head incessantly, he will most likely sprinkle his environment with the mites.

An animal following the path of the infested pet picks up the mites quite easily.

A bitch or queen may also pass ear mites on to her puppies or kittens from close contact.
Secondary Conditions
THE unwavering and intense itching, if left untreated, often leads to more problematic conditions, like secondary bacterial infections, abscesses or hematomas (painful blister-like formations containing blood) of the earflap.

Untreated ear mite infestations may even cause permanent damage to the ear canal, such as hearing loss.

FORTUNATELY, an ear mite infestation has an easy and effective treatment.
Begin by cleaning the ear of debris, then follow by treatment with an agent designed to kill the mites.
Drying the ear canal to make the environment less friendly to bacteria may also be effective.
In many cases, the tail needs treatment as well, sine while sleeping, the animal may curl up with the tail coming into contact with the ear.
These measures are better applied by your veterinarian, who should be contacted as soon as you notice any of the signs earlier described.
After clearing the infection, your pet will benefit from regular cleaning of the ears with specific preparations available in pet stores.
Avoid the use of harsh solutions that may trigger more problems.

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