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Firms introduce Korea Red Ginseng product


Korean Ginseng roots

To further boost the immune system, fitness, life expectancy and overall healthy living of Nigerians, MarvegloPlus Limited has introduced the world acclaimed Korean Red Ginseng product, known as CheongKwanJang Korean Red Ginseng, into the Nigerian market. The introduction of the product in Nigeria is in partnership with Korea Ginseng Corporation, a leading Ginseng producing company in the world.

Korean Ginseng is the most famous herbal supplement throughout Asia and other parts of the world for its health effects as a dietary supplement, a health food, and an ingredient in traditional medicines. The benefits of Korean Red Ginseng include support of the immune system, support energy and stamina, blood circulation and memory functions.

Speaking during the launch of the product over the weekend in Lagos, the Chairman of MarvegloPlus Limited, Mr. Lekan Oyegbade, said CheongKwanJang Korean Red Ginseng is very unique, powerful with proven results of efficacy for over two thousand years. He added that the product has been certified by regulatory agencies, including National Agency for Food and Drugs Administration and Control (NAFDAC), for consumption by all age groups, affordable and now available across the country. He affirmed that it is made of highly concentrated six-year-grown Korean Red Ginseng roots, processed using cutting-edge technology that retains the rich flavor of ginseng and its active components at an optimal level to help the body resist various ailments, including malaria. Oyegbade further explained that CheongKwanJang Korean Red Ginseng contains a rich variety of ginsenosides (a class of natural products that help to activate the cellular functions of the body, while strengthening immunity) and active compounds. ‘’MarvegloPlus Limited and the Korea Red Ginseng Corporation did not enter into an agreement for the purpose of bringing products to Nigeria but to ensure that Nigerians have access to something that is proven to work as described’’, adding that, ‘’we are committed to ensure that Nigerians have a better life with special focus on wellness’’.

Oyegbade pointed out that a situation in which the average life expectancy of Nigerians is 53 years on account of what many consider as poverty, stress and inadequate health care facilities does not augur well for the country.

“China and India each have a population of not less than one billion people. Lagos is just estimated to be 21 million and the entire country is estimated to be 180 million. Going by that, Lagos may not be the most stressful place to live in. People in other more stressful cities live longer, because they have strong immune system. If Nigerians had been taking this special Red Ginseng, their immune system would have been stronger and there will be very little or no space for viruses in our body systems.”

The Chairman restated the commitment of MarvegloPlus Limited to promote healthy living among Nigerians. He expressed the company’s gratitude to Korean Red Ginseng Corporation, MarvegloPlus and other stakeholders, for their support and confidence in the Nigerian economy.

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