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Girl Advice 101 From Mums On Facebook


Raising Confident Girls facebook page is a growing movement by mums, aunties, grandmas, god mothers or any woman who wants to raise confident girls. Founded by Rita Okoye, CEO of Majestically Rare, she wanted to engage with other women to find a solution to the growing problems of Raising Confident Girls in the 21st century. Today we have over 700 members in the group called Raising Confident Girls and we discuss every topic imaginable for girls. Ladi Di one of the administrators and regular contributors, posted a quote which asked “What advice do you want to give young girls” and the response was overwhelming. If you are a young girl, please take your time to read the advice below, given by several women in this group across the globe, as I believe it will help YOU.

Girls, YOU are the one in control of what you do, no one else is. So quit saying, “She/he made me do it” – even if they are older than you. Be proud of who you are. Never settle for less. You are uniquely and wonderfully made. Never accept that the next person is more blessed than you are. Look for the hidden potentials within you. Don’t be in a hurry to grow up. Time flies Who you are is inside you. Stop looking outside for you, but begin to live #fromtheinsideout Believe in success, work towards being successful and you will surely succeed Before you embark on any relationship with anybody, you must first of all have one with Jesus Christ. Believe in yourself anything is possible. Don’t compare yourself with anyone else because God made everyone special in their own way. Being beautiful is nice. It’s better to be beautiful on the inside because that’s the beauty that lasts. Be careful about your friends. Don’t have too many, be careful what you share with them and stay away from haters and unserious ones For every action there is a consequence and the consequence is either good or bad. It’s up to you to make the right decision. I say even if you think no one is watching… God sees all. Take time to know yourself; really know yourself. 

Know that you are Divine reflection of God’s Beauty and treasure yourself.

Do not allow others to validate you, define you. You are constantly evolving and growing. Life may not always be a bed of roses but YOU are the flower in the soil. Take care of yourself feed your mind, body Spirit and Soul.

If something doesn’t feel right listen to it. Don’t be pressured by anybody or anything. Through the storm always comes a rainbow; be that rainbow to others too. Be yourself, totally confident in your own skin. Hold your ground, don’t be afraid to make mistake but be ready to take correction and learn from others mistakes as well. To improve yourself, read, seek knowledge, and acquire skills, be self sufficient. Be humble, do to others what is right. Trust in God, know that he loves you He is holding your hand and there is absolutely nothing impossible with him.

And whatever size, shape or form your star is LET IT SHINE! Enjoy growing up, love yourself. You are special. God believes in you. Be confident in yourself! God made only “one” of you! Never settle for less than what God’s word says about you. Pray hard and seek Godly counsel before you make decisions, no matter how small. Most of all LOVE YOURSELF just the way you are because you are the Apple of His eyes and He has put a lot of treasure in you! Your happiness lies in Him not someone else. Dont let anyone say you cant. You can do mighty things over and beyond your wildest dream. Take care of your body because it is the temple of God, respect it by not abusing it with alcohol, drugs or any illegal substance.

Ensure you only mix with people that will respect the love and respect you have for your body. Never allow any body to violate you. Your body is very precious and should be treated with care. Your soul is also very important so take good care of your soul and nourish it with words, pictures, films and material that will edifying and enrich your spirit. Pornography kills the soul so please run far away from it. Pray always to God to help you keep your soul and body for His glory. He will help you. You are lovely, you are beautiful, you are a daughter of the KING OF KINGS. It doesn’t matter what culture tells you, people create culture and people are just people, God is GOD. Dear Daughter, start out with being the BEST you, you can be. Ask what was I created for? The Word of God sums it up, my young lady, “You are wonderfully and fearfully made.” Hmmm… and made in His own image… And you can do all things through Christ. Arise and shine, for the glory of the LORD has risen upon you!!!

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