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Superpreneurs Are The Master Key To Development



Nicholas Okoye


Continued from paper 7

MOVING PEOPLE continued If you have been following my articles then you will know that we are currently on third golden rule for super entrepreneurship and how you too can be a master of the universe. That third rule is “moving people” and I have said that moving people is the most profitable art known to man. How can it not be? If you can get people to believe in you, to accept your ideas and to buy and use your products then you will really be a winner. Whether you are a Politician, a Business man or woman, a teacher or even a sailor on the ocean, if men and women do not follow you then you are finished. And the days are gone that you get people to follow you based on force. Some people who should clearly be living in the dark ages, such as the religious fanatics, still believe that you can use force and deep rooted fear to move people or in their own way hold people down. Our fear can be very powerful and yes it still works but you do not get a loyal customer if your customers are moved by fear. They will dump you the moment your spell is broken and they can see clearly. A much more effective strategy is to move people based on one of the other Strategic Points for moving people. I outlined a few of them in paper 7. Here are a few more.

Fear: this is a powerful human emotion and sadly many unscrupulous sales people still use fear as a tool to get people to buy their products or services. Fundamentalist religion is way up front in this regard. Organizations such as Al cadia, Islamic State, and some remote Christian fundamentalists groups, use fear to whip their followers into line and get them to commit unspeakable acts of violence in the name of God. In addition to religion quite a lot of safety products and services are sold on the basis or as a result of fear.
Revenge: People are very weak and they sometimes use their weakness to define themselves. Once they have been wounded, they seek revenge and it becomes a captivating zero sum game. Many sales pitches have been written and have been very successful on the basis of the ability or the desire of the one party to revenge against another party. In some cases a family that have had a major quarrel with another family that lives not too far away from their home will buy and buy and go bankrupt on the basis that they want to outdo their neighbors because they do not want to be out done. Revenge can be powerful but it can only be used in certain circumstances to make an effective sales pitch as it may sometimes fail you.

SEX: Sex is, has always been and will always be a powerful tool for moving people. Young women use it against their Lecturers to get better marks in school. And in many cases the lecturers are now using it to award better grades to willing students. In fact in some cases even if the student is not willing, sexual favors are still demanded and given freely in an effort for one or both parties to get ahead. Some of the most powerful men in the World today, yesterday and trust me, the powerful men of tomorrow will all be moved by sex one way or another. If you watch regular music videos today what do you see? Half naked women dancing in very vulgar styles that will make any immature man’s blood boil. All the music videos do today is to sell sex. The physiological assessment is that maybe the young man who is drawn to the music video will go out and buy the music in the hope that it brings him one step closer to having sex. There is evidence that entire empires have been built almost exclusively on sex. “Playboy” is one such corporate organization. Playboy has made no apologies for its past and its business, it is for sex, it is all about sex and nothing more. I remember when Kim Kardashian went to pose for a full naked picture shoot that will be published in Playboy; she was escorted to the photo shoot by no other person than her mother. The statement the mother was making and Kim was making was very clear. Sex got me to where I am today (Kim released a sex video tape on the internet which went viral and gained her popularity). And it was sex that was going to get her to the next level. Which it indeed did. It doesn’t work for everybody as there have been many girls that videoed themselves having sex and put it out there on the internet in the hope that the World will make them a star but it did not happen. It must be that some people are just different. Sex does work though and it is a powerful strategic point for moving people. Don’t take my word for it ask Kim Kardashian.

Freedom: a Man or Women will go to the very edge of human endurance and accomplishment in search for the freedom it promises. To be free in mind and spirit is the ultimate human endeavor and millions are chasing that dream. There are so many products and services that promise freedom that I cannot go into them. However the most powerful and effective use of Freedom to move people has been used not by people or corporations but by NATIONS. The United States is the greatest culprit in this case. The Nation has sold itself to the World for the past two hundred years as the land of the FREE and the home of the brave. If you want to be free it says come to the United States. And it worked, millions of the World’s best brains left Europe, China, and other parts of the World to settle in the United States over the last two to three hundred years. In fact the history and the success of the United States as a Nation can be directly linked to the fact that it sold itself as a Freedom Nation. People running away from religious intolerance, political victimization and other forms of social ill all left their homes and resettled in the United States. The Africa experience of Brain drain today, did not start with Africa at all. It started with the educated people of Europe who left in ship loads of people to resettle in the United States. They built an empire together as we can now all see, but it all started with the drive and search for FREEDOM. So people are deeply moved by freedom and that is a fact. If you will use freedom as the basis for selling your product or your idea then you must study the environment and the people very well. Make sure that your solutions will actually delivery the freedom it is promising. Freedom can be in many forms when we take it down to the level of products and services. Certain Cars are sold today with cruise control and they even now have auto pilot in cars (Tesla Motors). This is simply another way of promising freedom of the stress of driving. Perfume adverts for men give the impression that if you wear this perfume the women will be all over you, so giving you as a man the freedom of choice. Which most men typically do not have.

Recognition and Achievement: there are all types of human beings in terms of what moves us, but if you really studied human behavior hard you will find that we are really just two board fundamental types. We are moved by money or we are moved by achievement and recognition. There are men and women of means that have achieved outstanding accomplishments in their work and they have been rewarded generously in financial terms. However a majority of the men that go after achievement such as researchers, scientists, teachers, lecturers, inventors and so on could not care about money in the least. All they want is that their names will be linked to one invention or another. Or that they are the one that discovered a major earth moving drug and so on.

The ability to move these types of people is easy if you are promising recognition. If that recognition is more of an international one then the more you have moved these types of people. I was recently awarded with a doctor of Business Administration degree from my former University. So I am a doctor now. So when I was introduced to an elderly woman at a hotel in Abuja not too long ago and the introducing party said this is Mr Nicholas Okoye. I corrected him and said Doctor Nicholas Okoye. And the elder women jumped in and said “why do you Ibo people like titles so much,?” she went on to say that she was a doctor, an she was Ibo herself, but she won’t have minded if someone did not refer to her as doctor. I knew I was dealing with a woman who had little knowledge of what moved us as human beings so I felt she needed a lesson from me. I told her that I worked very hard over the last twenty years and counting to earn this doctorate degree. And I do not know about her or her circumstances but I know what I put in to get mine and I would like to be addressed as such if it was okay with her. I told her that it has nothing to do with being Ibo or Hausa or Yoruba or White or black it has everything to do with being a human being. And that people are moved by certain things, certain circumstance and certain strategic points. And if you took the time to observe people you could be the best of friends with someone or their worst enemy by figuring out what moved them and what influences them.

Talking about the Golden rules is one thing, talking about the nine motives or strategic points of moving people can also be one sided. We have decided to take it to the next level. So from the 5th of December 2015 and subsequently bi-annually Anabel Group will be working with and a team of Executives from the United States, UK, Ghana and South Africa, to produce the African continent’s first elite entrepreneurship retreat for Leaders. Our retreats will be produced in an atmosphere of peace, harmony and tranquility in which my newly developed guide on the 360 degrees of development will be addressed. These include National Development which I have become somewhat of an authority in, we will include strategies for personal and organizational development as well. Our locations will include such destinations as the beautiful Island of Mauritius, Accra, Ghana by the beach, Banjul, Gambia Barbados in the Caribbean and so on. The Money Power Respect Retreat series is our own contribution to an African Continent that needs a new breed of Executives and Entrepreneurs .lets change the Continent together one Entrepreneur at a time. Go to to register and learn more.

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