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Tips on prioritizing your health even when money is tight


MONEYTHE RECENT DOWNTURN of the nation’s economy
has affected most people’s pockets in one way or
another. As a reflection of the economic times we
have to take a second look at our usual expenses and
figure out where we can cut back on our spending.
However, when it comes to one’s health there is a limit
to how much you can cut back because the true foundation
of wealth is good health. Having said that here
are a few tips on how to stay healthy even when times
are tough.

• Prevention is better than cure. It’s always wise to
look after what you have so you don’t lose it. Don’t get
careless with your health. Avoid excessive smoking,
drinking, unprotected sex and high risk behavior to preserve your gift of health. Take on preventative
measures and medication whenever possible. Protect
your home from mosquitoes and other pests so you
don’t have to pay for treatments that could have been

• Make your grocery
budget support your
health: Even though
costs are rising, food is
still the least expensive
form of medicine there
is. And since you have to
buy food anyway, why
not choose foods that promote health rather than
detract from it? Your grocery budget can do doubleduty
as a health maintenance fund if you make a conscious
commitment to buy only foods that support
health. Nigeria is blessed with wholesome diet and get the most from nutritious
meals developed from your savvy grocery

• Don’t skip your multivitamin:
Daily multivitamins are
essential to health maintenance
especially as we age.
Most of us don’t get all we
need from our food, particularly
when we’re under stress and eat
poorly. It is recommended that women
take nutrients, such as Vitamins A, B, C, D
and E, and Omega 3 fatty acids to help
prevent diseases and illness. Also for
women hoping to get pregnant don’t
forget to take your pre-pregnancy vitamins
to give your body all the help it
needs to prepare for motherhood.

• Good sleep helps us
shed the day’s stress and
restores energy. It also
helps us detox and repair
our body, mind and soul.
It is essential that you get at least seven
to eight hours of good solid sleep in a
comfortable bed to feel brand new in the

• Wash hands regularly
and practice
good general
hygiene can greatly
reduce the transmission
of disease and infections. The
Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention says that “keeping your
hands clean is one of the best ways to
keep from getting sick and spreading illnesses”.

• Give your Lifestyle a boost. New,
healthy lifestyle habits can also improve
your health and make you happier.

• Reduce stress through nature filled
exercise. Book a regular date with a
friend to take a walk or go jogging
together at a nearby park or scenic environment
and enjoy
nature and catch up
good old gossip and
keep fit at the same

• Create family time in your home. If
you constantly worry about balancing
family and work life try creating a family
ritual. Agree on a time the family sits
together for at least an hour a day in one
room at a particular time. Whether you
all agree to watch the 9 oclock news or
the family’s favorite TV show together
you are creating family time that will
help you bond with your family and give
a better insight into everyone’s day.

will also help you cut your NEPA and
diesel bill as you turn off the lights in the
other rooms and congregate in one
room. Family time is a great way to
reduce stress and remember what is
most important in life.

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