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PDP accuses APC of plotting military take-over after polls


Fani kayode. Image source Elombah

Fani kayode. Image source Elombah

THE Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) yesterday accused the All Progressives Congress (APC) of plan to sponsor a military takeover should it lose the March 28 presidential election. Director of Media and Publicity of the ‎PDP Presidential Campaign Organisation, Femi Fani-Kayode, who disclosed this at a press briefing yesterday in Abuja, also denied allegation by the APC that President Goodluck Jonathan had spent over a trillion naira from the national treasury to bribe traditional rulers, opinion leaders and on media advertisements.

Fani-Kayode alleged that the APC had produced a video aimed at creating the impression that the Federal Government was being dominated by people who took pride in enriching themselves at the expense of the national treasury.

Fani-Kayode’s press statement reads in part: “Worst of all, the producers of this video were attempting to incite the Nigerian people against the Nigerian government. They went as far as to suggest that when the presidential election is fought and won and President Goodluck Jonathan emerges as the winner, that the people should call for a full scale military intervention rather than allowing Jonathan to come back. They also specifically asked for the targeting and assassination of key members of this administration and a number of its supporters in the event of a Jonathan victory in the coming elections.

“We say in clear terms that the video in question and the intentions of those behind it is reprehensible, irresponsible and it is unacceptable. We wish to take this opportunity to let the APC know that under no circumstance will we allow them to rob us of our legitimate mandate which, hopefully, will be legitimately and freely given to the President by the Nigerian people on March 28.

“Secondly, we will not tolerate any act of violence or any attempt to assassinate anybody by their agents in the event of us winning and neither will the people of this country ever allow another military intervention.

As a party, we are committed to the democratic process. We believe that that is the only way forward. “We must not allow any political party that is being covertly funded and supported by shady foreign interests with an agenda of insurgency, butchery, murder, division and strife to take power in this country.

We must not allow a man like Gen. Muhammadu Buhari to set us back. We must always resist their attempt to incite people to violence. We must resist their attempt to prepare for war in the event of their losing and we must resist their attempt to demean and abuse the democratic process and set us back many years in this country.”

The PDP campaign spokesman, who also described allegation that the President had spent a trillion naira on campaigns in the form of bribery to traditional rulers in the South-West and North as untrue, Fani-Kayode said the allegation was a figment of the imagination of the APC leaders, pointing out that “we don’t have a presidential candidate that gives bribes and our traditional rulers don’t take bribes.”

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  • Sunny0099

    P-E-O-P-L-E V-O-T-E C-H-A-N-G-E (PVC)

    on March 28 NIGERIANS!!!!

    P-E-O-P-L-E V-O-T-E C-H-A-N-G-E (PVC)

  • Sunny0099

    1. The Chibok Girls
    3. Police pension fund
    4. Missing $20Billion
    5. $9million Arms deal Embarrassment in SA
    6. EKITIGATE Election fraud
    7. Immigration job SCAM (He is just meeting the victims and dolling out money )
    8.DEPLETING External Reserves.
    9. Devaluation of Naira to N250 to a $
    10. Oil theft Increase
    11. REWARDING THIEVES with NATIONAL honours and appointments
    14. Skyrocketed ELECTRICITY Bills
    17. National Assembly INVASION by Police
    19. Stella Oduah Aviation Scam (THE BULLET PROOF CARS…)
    20. Kerosene subsidy
    21. Last minute fighting of Insurgency
    22. Sentencing soldiers to death for asking for weapons to fight
    23. Directly supporting and paying 10million USD as salary to terorist Asari and Terrorist Tompolo amongst others
    Palling around with boko haram chieftains in Niger and Dafty’s
    inability to capture, extract information and bring to justice a singe
    captured boko haram fighter up till today
    25. Mrs Dafty’s personal terrorist bombing campaigns in Rivers state (Stoning the opposition)
    Dafty’s work for the benefits of enemies of Nigeria – Handpicking
    Abacha’s son as PDP candidate for Kano, stoppng FaniKayode,treasury
    looting case and appointing him in his campaign, supporter of Anenih,
    IBB, and other treasury looters who should be in jail
    27. Conversion
    of MOPOL to Meiguard of the rich while the poor wallow in abject
    insecurity; and using regular police, eg. Mbu, as political thugs!
    Postponing elections by refusing to provide security when in fact,
    elections will last for only one day, and the entire armed forces and
    police in Nigeria could have been deployed to secure just that 10hrs of
    the election day.
    29. Sending troops to look for Sambisa forest in Tinubu’s Ikoyi house
    30. Giving AIT 10billion to air false and negative videos on APC.
    33. FAILURE TO PUBLICLY DECLARE his ASSETS saying “I don’t give a damn”
    36. EMBARASSING PHONE CALL to the Moroccan KING…
    37. Babysitting Boko Haram until it became the global threat it now is with ISIS.
    38. USING the Boko Haram fight as an alibi to further his political ambition.
    39. pardoning of Alams.
    40. Refusing to fight BH until 6 weeks ago.
    41. Refusing to visit NE and military post until 2 months ago

    42.President Jonathan met the National Debt at $26bn, today it is $70bn..
    Jonathan met Excess Crude account at $20bn today is $2bn.
    Jonathan met unemployment rate at 11.8%, today it is 24%.

    43. Jonathan met
    debt servicing at 10%, today debt servicing today is 20%.
    Jonathan met the Naira/Dollar rate at N119. The Naira/Dollar rate today
    is N225– N230.

    44. Jonathan met the poverty level 54%, today poverty level is about 71%.
    Jonathan met recurrent expenditure at 62%, today recurrent expenditure
    is 86%.

    45. Jonathan met the GDP Growth at 11%, today GDP Growth is about
    Jonathan met petrol price N65, today petrol price is N87 following its
    recent reduction from N97.46. Today the stock market that was thriving before Jonathan came is down by
    N3.4trillion in 12 months.
    The prognosis for four more years under the same management looks
    nothing but dire

    • MC4TRUTH


    • JustMe

      Haba lies just because GMB want to win election, this is clear desperation and GEJ supporters can see through it.

      • Sunny0099

        Can you?

    • Not original. Not creative. Stupid laughable lies by a nitwit.

      • Sunny0099

        But Nigerians believed me hence they voted him out…. So I was right and you are wrong….

  • Latoya Lube

    It wont work ,the PDP should not mind their empty propaganda Nigeria is fortified against any vice of the devil and the APC, even though the join forces with Boko haram and ISIS it wont work beside this is Nigerian soldiers they wont take side with the APC.#NO2Buhari

  • Yusuf Prudent

    Why is this Mr Fani Kayode is not speaking like sombody that fears God. even if you do not fear human being at least you should fear God. why would you be telling Nigerian that are more intelligent than you are extly the words PDP are planning to do? be worned and is high time you know that your game is up!


    the Nigeria government has ordered the sales of uncleared imported


    into the country in the last three months. Those willing to get a

    vehicle at 39%off the actual price can call OLA for more information on 07067969891………..

    • Whalerolex

      Where is your office? You this armed robber.
      I wont blame you cos some mumu will call you anyway.
      Get a life.
      God punish you

  • Fula

    this wont stick. it is PDP’s mode of operation. by Saturday this will end.

  • ice queen

    PDP is a peaceful party,i don’t belive this.admin be mindful of wat u post.PDP + GEJ all the way.

    • happizeal

      Yes and also the right party to be in.PDP.

  • olalinda

    PDP is d best party. GEJ is d success behind our country.

    • happizeal

      There can never be any doubt abt president GEJ of being our president because he is the only man whose personal character is also solid gold, so my fellow Nigerians let’s stand firm because the leader of our own.

    • Adonuja Salihu M.D

      Success in looting our treasury, did you go to school.

      • JustMe

        That is APC propaganda. As much has PDP uses propaganda the APC is master propaganda maker. It even difficult to know APC propaganda apart from the truth as it is planned in the white house courtesy AKPD media

  • utolason

    PDP is losing votes every time that Fani Kayode open his mouth. GEJ is the head of the military, not Buhari. Enough said!

  • Mazi JO

    Mr. Director, Nigerians are tired of APC said and PDP countered. We are concerned about what the people WILL say in the days ahead. Believe it or not that will be the final judgment in this election series. As far as it is conducted peacefully and without fraud and mal-practices, the detractors can troop to hell and protest there. Every one should be at their best behavior in this exercise. Do not embarrass the Nation by handing the observers some immature practices to report to the World. You are supposed to lead Africa in the Democratic match. This is not the time to relent in the already gathering storm of idyllic direction. Please show leadership in this beginning.

  • charlesbabs

    Army must b used for d security of nigerians in dis elections.

  • juliusonny

    It is high time FFK stopped taking hard drugs. This is damaging his already deteriorated brain. He should immediately check in at any mental hospital before he starts endangering other people’s lives. This man’s nightmares have quadrippled in the last weeks. Vote consciously, vote for CHANGE!!!

  • Saydo Shan

    It is open secret that that is what the PDPigs are working for. The PDPigs have decided that should GMB be winning Saturday’s election, they will invite the military to take over the government, just to prevent GMB from getting the Presidency.

    • Adonuja Salihu M.D

      It cant wirk in this global world is just a cheap propaganda by FFK. God will punish him.

  • burning spear


  • burning spear

    I Am Not A Prostitute, Aisha Buhari. – Dr Grace Ibie Oshiomohole,

    Hajia Aisha Buhari, I am from Edo and lives Overseas as a Medical Doctor. I am Not a Prostitute.
    I am Home for the Presidential election and on March 28, 2015, I and other Nigerian women will practically respond to you and your Husband. – Dr Grace Ibie Oshiomohole, Italy. -AISHA WAS MARRIED OFF TO BUHARI WHEN SHE WAS JUST 9 YR OLD-WHAT A SHAME

    • olumydot

      Thought it was 10.. Shior. you guys haven’t stopped with this propaganda ehn

    • Adonuja Salihu M.D

      You will remain a prostitute.

  • happizeal

    Fellow nigerias,people of Grt value,respectable,noble and understanding spirit.let us all in 1 accord under the umbrela of peace and unity support GEJ. For the next tenur of presidency.

  • Angel

    We should expect anything from these Aggrieved People’s Congregation (APC). Their chief financier, Amaechi did say they would form a parallel government when they lose. But God is bigger than man and Goodluck Jonathan shall return.

    • Adonuja Salihu M.D

      You will be arrested along with our treasure looters

      • JustMe

        arrest for saying her opinion? lol

  • New Nigerian

    Funny, Alawada, Fani Kayode Jr., at it again. Nigerians need no video to know that GEJ have been converting our public funds to private hands. Even Fani Kayode Jr. himself knows this…take a read:

    Femi Fani Kayode, in his speech delivered in Ife Town Hall, Ile Ife on September 23, 2013 has the followings to say about Jonathan, take a read – now we know why Jonathan stops the oversight of the oil theft (see Fani’s note below) , to us it was theft, to him it was his personal-oil-production operation (which he enabled with 2 contracts to the militants through which he has bilked more than $60b+ from Nigeria through this under table international oil operation which ended up adding to the oil glut in the world with negative effect on the oil price): Fani Kayode’s speech –

    “””It is only under this Federal Government that, according to Rotimi Amaechi the Governor of Rivers state, two powerful, sophisticated, well-armed and highly efficient combat helicopters can be ordered and brought into the country to fight and bring an end to the massive oil theft that has gone on in the Niger Delta area for the last three years yet when those helicopters arrived the President simply refused to use and deploy them for reasons best known to himself. I have the utmost respect for the office of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. This is especially because I am someone who had the privilage of working in that office for three years before I became a Federal Minister when I was spokesman to President Olusegun Obasanjo. Yet even though my respect for that office remains intact I am constrained to say that I have nothing but contempt for the way that it is presently being run and I have no qualms about criticising the performance of our President and his government. As a matter of fact I consider it as part of my civic duty to do so. The truth is that this government is fast living up to it’s reputation of being utterly clueless and manifestly dishonest. Worse still their incompetence, whether it is to do with the handling of security matters or the economy has no bounds and knows no end.

    I say this because more people have been killed by terrorists under the watch of President Goodluck Jonathan and in the last three years than at any other time in our history outside the period of the civil war. 7000 Nigerians have met their bloody end at the hands of Boko Haram in the last three years and even as we speak today there are paerts of our country that are under lock down and in a state of emergency where innocent Nigerians are being slaughtered by our own security forces. Under this President Nigeria has become an abbatoir of human flesh and blood yet he still has the sheer effrontery to say that he wants to return to power in 2015 and some around him have said that ”if Goodluck is not re-elected in 2015 there will be bloodshed”. Such threats and such words against the Nigerian people yet no-one in government has seen fit to call those that harbour such bloody and violent sentiments to order. What a government we have and what a country and what a people we are. The President has divided his own party and his own nation more than any other President in the history of Nigeria simply due to his lust for power and his blind ambition to succeed himself at all costs in 2015. Yet regardless of his desperation and their threats this must not be allowed to happen. We must not allow it to happen regardless of the efforts of the fifth columnists amongst us in yorubaland that still support him for the crumbs that they are getting from his table. If he comes back in 2015, by the time he finishes in 2019 the yoruba will have been reduced to nothing but errand boys and slaves to others. That is the hidden agenda. Worse still Nigeria will be irretrievably destroyed and she will never be the same again. The challenge of every self-respecting yoruba man today is therefore simple and clear- we must stop Jonathan from coming back to office in 2015 and we must vote him out of power when the time comes. We must do this for the sake of our people in the south-west and we must do so for the sake of the people of Nigeria.

    It is with this background in mind and in the knowledge of President Goodluck Jonathan’s desperate and unholy intention to return to power at all costs in 2015 that I feel compelled to share the following words of wisdom from our Royal Father, the Alafin of Oyo, HRH Oba Lamidi Adeyemi with you. Just a few days ago he said the following- “My fatherly advice to those in authority at the federal level and especially our amiable President, Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, is to learn from the mistakes of his very illustrious predecessor, Alhaji Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, by resisting any temptation to take the ‘west by all means.’” Kabiyesi has spoken well and a word is enough for the wise.

    A few more words on President Jonathan. Two days ago he reportedly asked the Nigerian people to ”leave him alone” and let him ”do his job” and challenged us to point out, with facts and figures, evidence of his corruption. I will do so here and now by simply asking a few questions which I had originally asked in another speech at another distinguished gathering in Lagos on April 2013 and which they refused to answer. Now that our President has thrown down the gauntlet and asked us to challenge him perhaps these questions will now be answered. The questions are as follows.

    When will our President and his ”today’s men” answer David Cameron, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom’s, question and tell him what they did with the 100 billion USD that they made from oil sales in the last two years? When will they answer the question that many of us have asked over and over again about how they squandered 67 billion USD of our foreign reserves? When will they answer the question that Nasir El Rufai asked sometime back about how they spent over 350 billion naira on security vote in one year alone? When will they answer the many questions that Pat Utomi and many other distinguishedand courageous leaders and ”yesterday’s men” have raised about the trillions of naira that have been supposedly spent on oil subsidy payments in the last two years? When will they implement the findings and recommendations of the Nuhu Ribadu report on the thievery that has gone on in the oil sector? When will they cultivate the guts and find the courage to respond to a call for a public debate to defend their abysmal record? When will these ”today’s men” stop being so reckless with our money? Why would our ”today’s man” FCT Minister budget 5 billion for the ”rehabilitatioin of prostitues in the Abuja”? Why would he budget 7.5 billion naira for a new ”FCT city gate”? Why would he budget 4 billion naira for some kind of building or centre for the First Lady? Why would the Federal Government of ”todays men” budget 1 billion naira for food in the Villa? Are these the priorities of ”today’s men”? And all this when Nigeria is back in foreign debt to the tune of 9 billion USD and is still borrowing, when local debt has hit almost 50 billion USD, when 40 per cent of the Nigerian people are unemployed, when 80 per cent of our graduates are unemploymed, when 40 per cent of Nigerians do not have access to good food and are described by the U.N.D.P as being ”hungry”, when 50 per cent of our oil production is being stolen on a daily basis by pirates and bunkerers and when 70 per cent of Nigerians are living below the poverty line? Is this the vision of ”today’s men”? If so, may God deliver Nigeria.

    So much destruction and disaster all wrought in the space of three years and by just one man. That is the legacy of President Goodluck Jonathan and his ”todays men”. Yet just as it took one man to take us to these dingy and depressing depths so it will take one man to lift us up again to the heights of glory….””.


    • JustMe

      lies that make no point.

  • Adonuja Salihu M.D

    Gani Fani Kayode or what ever they call your name your lies has fill a dozen bowl, dont you know that nobody believes your devilish statement again. You are a devil to the core, you are a cocane adict and drunkard. To hell with you and cohalt and cheap publicity. God will soon reward of bahaviour.