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African Festivals Happening In August

From being the land of the ancient Egyptians to the home of legend, Nelson Mandela, Africa is filled with so much history with a plethora of unique people and culture. As a result of that, there is also a unique batch of festivals which are brimming with history and heritage.

We’d be looking at the month of August and some of the annual celebrations which make for tourist attractions as well as the ultimate African experience.

Waka Waka Festival, Ivory Coast

The annual event which happens in Abidjan celebrates African culture through the mediums of music, fashion and dance. It attracts an estimate of 1000 to 3000 guests and expects more this year. The festival which started in 2011 will be taking place in Abidjan, Ivory Coast from the 5th to the 6th of August. One of the aims of the festival is to bring children, youth, adults and older people from all over Ivory Coast together regardless of cultural or ethnic background. Through that, it fosters relationships between people of different cultures.

Life in Colour Festival, Morrocco

In the spirit of all that is youthful, fun and vibrant in the world is the Life in Colour festival which has been described as a very messy concert that does not involve blood shed. Reason being that as the scene is being brought to life by blistering house music, fire-spinning insanity and stomach-churning contortionism, you’ll get sprayed with tons of coloured paint that’ll make you look like you had an art fight with a four-year-old. The festival will be happening on the 20th of August at the Sindibad Park in Morrocco.

Chale Wote Festival

Marking the seventh cycle of the annual festival is the CHALE WOTE street art festival which brings art, music, dance and performance out into the streets. Happening from the 14th to the 20th of August in Accra, Ghana it will be featuring works and installations from ver 30 Ghanaian based artists as well as the participation of other artists from Nigeria, South Africa, Zambia, US, France, Australia, Kenya, Canada, Poland, Argentina and Brazil.

This year will be operating under the theme Wata Mata will include 10 different sites to witness live visual art, exhibitions and installations; three music stages; 15 film screenings of independent African cinema; a fashion circus; an art fair, a cookout,  the Oblatsoobi Market featuring the best handmade designs and crafts in West Africa, special city tours and an Extreme Sports competition.

Oppikoppi Festival

Oppikoppi which derived from the Afrikaans op die koppie  is a music festival which started in 1994 and in 2012 amassed over 20,000 guests in attendance and has reportedly been increasing every year since then. The inaugural event primarily featured South African rock ‘n’ roll bands, and from that time has expanded to include other genres including hip hop, jazz, EDM, metal, soul, and kwaito—a purely South African spin on house music, remixing tribal rhythms to create the beats for inimitably danceable songs. The festival will be happening at the Oppikoppi Farm|D869 Northam, South Africa from the 4th to 6th of August.

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