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Beauty Through Their Eyes

Beauty they say is in the eye of the beholder and we have seen a significant number of people who have made their mark in the beauty and makeup industry here in Nigeria.

Per Statista, the United States is the biggest cosmetic market in the world. It is estimated that its total revenue will exceed about 62 billion U.S. dollars and employ about 63,816 people by 2016.

One thing that has been certain is the growth of this industry, about 17.3 billion U.S. dollars was generated by online shops and mail-order household sales in 2013. Cosmetic sales are estimated to continue to grow in both the United States and other global markets, as many consumers feel that beauty products help in achieving social and economic goals. This is true for the Nigerian market; people are more conscious of their appearances and make extra efforts to look as good as they can.

We also have the professional Makeup Artist popularly known as MUA’s who influence this market with advice of beauty products as well as techniques and looks to create. For this article, we would be looking at different makeup artists who have been united by the power of beauty.


Jide of St. Ola


Who is Jide of St. Ola?

Olajide David Okerayi is a Nigerian makeup artist based in the heart of Abuja, he is also the founder and CEO of ST.OLA MAKEUP STUDIO. Jide is popularly known for his work with top models, celebrities, top government officials and jobs for TV, online blogs and magazines.

Olajide is a self-trained makeup artist who acts as a mentor for aspiring makeup artists. He has succeeded in empowering so many people in the industry. He has organized makeup training for upcoming makeup artists and professional makeup artists.


In 2012, he was awarded the Abuja Young Entrepreneurs Award in the health and beauty category. He is also the first Nigerian makeup artist to come out with a DVD makeup tutorial called “The Makeup Navigator”.  He has been to several makeup shows home and abroad and can confidently be called a key player in the Nigerian beauty industry.


He has been in business for over eight years and is currently working on a project to release his own makeup brand.

What does beauty and makeup mean to you?

Beauty and makeup to me is the ability to still look like yourself after any sort of cosmetic has been applied to ones’ face.




Who is Yemisi Dada?

I am a seasoned makeup artist who has over the years grown into one of the notable makeup artists in Lagos and Nigeria. My journey in the makeup industry spans over 8 years of relentless, never-give-up spirit that has enabled me work with a lot of celebrities and makeup brands like Black Opal, Nouba, Lachea, MAC, Maybelline etc.

I am also a beauty blogger, online beauty influencer and a public speaker. I am an Alumnus of the Lagos State University where I studied Economics as a first degree and a Masters degree in Human Resource Management. I also attained a certificate in Entrepreneurial Management from Lagos Business School.


My strengths lies in in-depth attention to details; my high level of creativity also sets me apart. We recently started our brand called Beauty Essentials by N’sure (B.E.N) Made in Nigeria beauty products which are basically beauty products that helps makeup artist, hairstylist be more organized and hygienic.


What does makeup and beauty mean to you?

What beauty and makeup means to me is all about being comfortable in your skin.


Olajumoke Tychus


Who Is Olajumoke Tychus?

Tychus Olajumoke is versatile makeup artist that has trained and worked in the Nigerian makeup industry for a total of three years now. She has spent most of this career servicing the film and TV industry in Nigeria where she has acted as a team leader or assisted other teams that were responsible for the creation and maintenance of character looks in TV shows. These works include, Ebony Life TV’s Desperate Wives Africa, and other productions for 12 Stones Pictures.

She has also spent a good time as a freelance makeup artist where she has serviced private and cooperate clients. Her jobs have been featured on over 7 editions of Guardian Life magazine and several other front pages of renowned magazines and editorials in Nigeria. She recently started her beauty company “EYESOME BEAUTY” from her studio in Lagos.


What does makeup and beauty mean to you?

Beauty builds confidence and confidence amplifies beauty. Makeup projects our deepest essence, that interacts with other people when we speak with them, when we look in their eyes, laugh, or show our opinions or feelings through our facial expressions. Our face is where people look when they want to know us or understand us.

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