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Rest In Peace Bobbi Kristina

Dear Bobbi Kristina,

22 is just too soon for you to go join your mum. We know you miss her but we expected you to keep her legacy going. Is the wind behind you now? Is the sun really in your face?

You seemed so happy days before you were found face flat in your bath tub.

Are you happy now? Whitney wouldn’t be happy to see you now. It’s just way too soon. We believed you were a fighter, we waited for you to open your eyes, we said you would come back soon and explain why you wanted to take your own life. Maybe we got it twisted. Now that you are gone, your case is being looked at as a murder case and Nick is the primary suspect.

You look so beautiful with your mum. Did you feel that stepping into her shoes would be so much for you? You wouldn’t have had any need to, you were unique in your own way.


Did Reality TV get to you? Your raspy voice was a breath of fresh air, your gap tooth made us fall in love. You know we cannot speak ill of the dead and we have no reason to, for every decision you made, you were just a young girl trying to live her life to the best of her abilities. Your smile was and is everything.


Your life was just starting, you had a lot in front of you. The world didn’t get to see the real you. 22 isn’t the age you leave us. 22 is not the age the world doesn’t get to see you anymore. Your dad wouldn’t see you anymore, he already has to miss your mum. 2012 was a sad year for us and for you as we can imagine, but Whitney would have wanted you to carry on, even better than she did.

Three years after your mum left us, you decided to go as well. We know the drugs created a major problem, but your Mum got by and we believed you would have done the same thing.

Hey Bobbi, you turned 22 on that bed. We celebrated with you and felt you would hear about it when you get up. You should have come out of that coma. You should have done  so many things. No more regrets Krissy, we just really wish you were here.

It is so hard to say goodbye. But we have to.

RIP Bobbi Kristina Brown, the world would know your name.


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