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WATCH: This Is Why Omawumi Is The Realest

In interviewing and being interviewed, certain lines should be drawn . Yes, we all want a scoop and journalists are often trained to “do whatever it takes”. However, I cannot stress enough how important it is you do so with logic as your backbone. During an interview with Zinnia of HF TV’s ‘Da Chat’, Singer Omawumi Megbele proves why tact is just as important as getting the scoop.

Watch Da Chat with Omawumi

Of course, social media has been buzzing with all sorts of opinions about the interview. You have the people who believe Zinnia was very out of line, the people questioning the athenticity of the interview, and those who believe Omawumi storming out of the interview was a bad PR move. That’s what we love about social media – everyone is a critic.

Here’s Why Omawumi Is The Realest

Following Zinnia’s line of questioning, one can easily conclude that there really was no point to this interview. Let’s not even call it that anymore. Basically, Omawumi was invited for a chat which proved to be only about debasing her character as a person. She could have very easily decided she wasn’t going to deal with any of it from the beginning – just like our main man BirdMan – but she didn’t.

The singer curteously sat through the “chat”, answering the questions as best she could, as offensive as they were. Anyone thinking or bothering to actually take notice of one or two things would have realised Omawumi subtly cautioned Zinnia more than once during the questioning. These corrections were blatanty ignored as the interviewer was obviously on a quest to bring up every rumour she had heard concerning the singer.

What else did Omawumi do during this chat that cemented her place as the realest? She shut down the drinking and smoking allegations swiftly and jusiciously. Again, she could have cussed out the interviewer, and walked out. Instead she made certain to change it for Zinnia. What better way to crush a ruour than to make the instigator admit she has no proof of said allegation? Best part is she raised very valid points in her counter of the questioning, and called out Zinnia on her malicious line of questioning.

I completely respect the way she handled the situation. Not every time keep quiet and turn the other cheek. Sometimes, fire for fire.

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