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Ekiti does not need TSA, Fayose tells FG




Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose has rejected the call by the Federal Government on state governments to adopt Treasury Single Account (TSA) pointing out that the TSA was not foolproof.

Fayose said in a press statement issued on Friday, by his Special Assistant on Public Communications and New Media, Lere Olayinka that “the Federal Government should rather face the dwindling economy of the country instead of going about grandstanding on a TSA policy that was already tainted with fraud.

Minister of Budget and National Planning, Senator Udoma Udo Udoma, had called on States to accept the TSA.

Reacting, Governor Fayose likened the Federal Government to a blind man trying to lead people who can see clearly, saying; “The same minister whose office could not prepare a simple budget should not assault the sensibilities of Nigerians by telling States to accept a TSA policy that is characterised with fraud.”

He said up till now, the Federal Government was yet to explain the alleged N25 billion naira scam allegedly perpetrated in the name of the TSA, adding that “the TSA policy was aimed at enriching some individuals for doing virtually nothing and that can be seen in the discovery of N25 billion that was said to have accrued to just a
single company in one month!”

The governor, who maintained that President Mohammadu Buhari lacked the required mental capacity to rescue the country from the present economic problems, added that it was an insult for a federal government that appeared to be clueless to be preaching its unworkable policies to other tiers of government.

“The rate at which dollar is rising, we will soon begin to talk about one Us Dollar being equivalent to N500. As at today, it is already more than N400 to $1.

“Workers are being sacked on a daily basis while prices of goods are rising astronomically and Foreign Reserve is declining on daily basis. Yet, all that this All Progressives Congress (APC) and President Buhari’s Federal Government can be preaching is for States to accept TSA as if that will stem the tide of the rising hunger and sufferings that is ravaging Nigeria.

“Methinks these people should just face the reality of their failing government and seek for help from those who know better than them instead of carrying with this attitude of ‘we know it all’ so that the economy of this country will not collapse totally.”

  • musa aliyu

    Is this guy normal?

    • Asuk

      Very normal. We need more of his type in this season of surprising silenced from the press and civil society groups. You can’t expect everyone to agree with government.

    • charlieakpeumoh

      YES, he is! He is the only sane Gov. in Nigeria currently bold enough to challenge your PMB. Most of the other govs. (not all) are just marking their time and playing sychophancy in the name of so-called “war on corruption”, which since its inception has done nothing else to write home about; except for being quite obviously selective!!!

    • bala mohammed

      I dont think so…..

    • Nwafongwa

      Very normal
      What has he said that’s untrue ?

  • Osarumwense

    Fayose: Bold, Strong and confident. You are the last Man standing. God bless you.

  • Arabakpura

    Ekiti’s economy should be different from Nigerian economy! It is up to Fayose to show us! A governor that pays salary and people receive alerts; but before the workers will go to banks to withdraw their monies, he will withdraw half of what he paid; tell me what else 419 is if this isn’t?

  • barriga bello

    Gov. Moonbeam is @ it again. As they say in the “Old Country” – The proof is in the pudding. Gov. Moonbeam must show there is a better system than the TSA. INNUENDOS and tough talk is not governance – show us a better system instead of waggish mouth-foaming utterances. My great granny in Sokoko knows too well – many hands dipping into collective funds without control spelt doom and financial recklessness.

  • nuelsymbol

    A fool has cogent points sometimes.