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Govt may sack more heads of departments, agencies




LESS than 24 hours that saw the sacking of about 26 chief executives of parastatals by President Muhammadu Buhari’s government, indications have emerged yesterday that more directors-general may soon be removed from office.

A source told The Guardian that about 20 more directors- general are slated for removal due to reports indicating widespread mismanagement of their agencies as well as financial malpractices.

The Guardian learnt that before now, President Buhari has been under intense pressure from the All Progressives Congress (APC) caucus to sack all heads of Federal Government parastatals to create job opportunities for party members who worked to ensure the success of the party at the 2015 polls.

“Those affected in Tuesday’s shakeup are cited as Grade A agencies while the sweeping broom will reach Grade B and C agencies soon”, the source said.

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  • Fom lantang

    Confused APC. This actions will take close to 4 years, the masses are waiting /watching, your manifestos are all what the voters are looking up to, the CHANGE can still be changed. The incoming heads of the parastatals will take up to 4 to 5 months for inauguration and another 7 to 8 months to properly learn the process. I think what PMB should have done is to sack all the civil servants because they have been working with PDP for the past 16 years and might likely sabotage his government. Our elders says that it is a lazy man that quarrels with his tools. This nation is fast returning to the days of anarchy just for selfish reasons. I pray for Nigeria, I pray for Nigerians, I pray for nigeria’s unborn child.

    • Green


      • Fom lantang

        The reason why you will die a shoe shiner after your leaders ruled for so many years after independent. FOOL!!!!

      • Victor Aikhionbare


    • Izedomi Ohirein

      Our political system was designed like that.
      PDP political appointees should have been replaced by APC political appointees since June 2015.
      PDP political appointees have no place in an APC government to frustrating their policy’s implementation.

  • Izedomi Ohirein

    PDP political appointees should be grateful to President Buhari for leaving them to remain in their political appointments that should have gone to APC political appointees since June 2015.
    Only civil servants & carrier term limited professional appointees like CBN governor, Supreme Court judges ETC.
    Political appointees of the defeated government goes with them.

  • emmanuel kalu

    so now we are sacking DG because of their party not because they were corrupt or can’t do the work. That is not an effective way to run an economy or a country. yes there is usually change in leadership in most of this agencies, however there is also the need to keep effective DG regardless of party. It is also not good to do massive change in an economy that is struggling and needs investors to invest. what is the goal of this move? are this the people in charge of the padding of the budget?

  • daniez

    This is real NEPOTISM not change, SO MR PMB WILL SACK ALL HEADS OF FG PARASTATALS IN ORDER TO MAKE CHANCE FOR PARTY MEMBERS WHO WORKED FOR THE SUCCESS OF THE PARTY, my question now is WHOM WILL HE SACK IN ORDER TO CREATE JOBS FOR THOSE WHO VOTED HIM TO POWER?. this (APC)caucus may have had too many shallow minded pesonels within them. sorry my father land…..

  • albert bolten

    This article is not authoritativ enough, And commentators are left to speculate what the true intentions are, which in most cases, are far from the truth.