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Killer Goal On Valentine’s Day (2)


Continued from last week Saturday

PRONTO, the match began in earnest, with the opposing team, the Forest Tigers, dominating the game in the first 20 minutes. 

  Chuks wasn’t composed at all in this great match. Millions of his fans and spectators wondered why he couldn’t make his usual dazzling moves and wonderful strikes. His coach and team manager were all worried and sad. They knew that losing the match would spell doom for the Pearl Mariners International Club, because they would lose millions of dollars and their record, as the champion, would go down. 

  No one knew the dilemma and trouble raging in the mind of Chuks Diamond, the Nigerian-born superstar. His mind was heavy with grief, sadness and confusion.

  Somehow, the first 45 minutes ticked on and the referee blew his whistle marking the end of the first half. As the Pearl Mariners team strolled to their dressing room, Chuks was all tears and sobs. His coach and teammates asked what was the matter, but he wouldn’t say a word; he just shook his head in the negative. He cleaned the tears with his right hand and said nothing. 

  His coach and other teammates then told him to be more focused and forget whatever was bugging him and play his usual style. No one knew that the life of his lover and fiancée was at stake. He would never make the mistake of saying what was raging inside of him, as doing so would mean he would lose his lover to the cold hands of death.

  The second half started and the Forest Tigers were still dominating the match, making life hellish for the Pearl Mariners. But it was still goalless 15 minutes into the second half. 

  The attackers and strikers of the Forest Tigers made deadly moves that could break the defence of the Pearl Mariners, but the goalkeeper was always there to rescue his team.   

  The fans of the Pearl Mariners realised that this was a tragedy and calamity of high magnitude waiting to happen. What would they do now that it seemed the chips were down? They knew something was definitely wrong with Chuks, but no one knew exactly what was the matter. They were all cocksure Chuks wasn’t the person playing that match, as his mind definitely was not on the football pitch.  

  It was exactly two minutes to the end of the match when someone rushed towards Chuks as he was about taking a corner kick to whisper to him that his lover had been rescued and saved. It was in the dying minutes of the second half. 

  Instantly, life came to his heart and he kicked the ball with his awesome skill and there was a stampede and struggle at the goalmouth of the Forest Tigers. Chuks emerged like a bolt out of the blue with a great header that penetrated the goal post of the Forest Tigers. 

  It was the only goal of that eventful match. The Pearl Mariners had won the final match for that European League Season, and there was joy and great jubilation. 

  As the happy crowd cheered and raised Chuks high, he saw Helena coming towards him, with DSP Stevens by her side. She was all smiles and giggles.   

  Chuks got down from the arms of his teeming fans and walked happily towards his beautiful lover. The ebullient police officer told Chuks how Mr. Shotgun and his gang were arrested in their hideout that very day. Shotgun was now cooling his heels at the police headquarters for further interrogation and would be charged to court as soon as possible. 

  Chuks was full of praise and thanks to God for saving the life of his sweetheart from the deadly kidnapper, Shotgun. 

  He also thanked Stevens for risking his life to save his fiancée. 

  “Oh, I love you, Helena,” Chuks said gleefully. 

  “I love you too, Chuks. You are the pearl of my heart,” Helena replied softly. 

  Chuks hugged and kissed Helena in an ecstatic fashion. He left the Wembley Stadium after so much celebration and drove to the London Heathrow Airport with his lover. 

  His private jet was already waiting for him and his pilot. Before one could say, ‘Chuks,’ he flew to Nigeria with great joy and ecstasy to celebrate the Valentine’s Day. They journeyed to Obudu Cattle Ranch in Cross River State to celebrate the Valentine’s Day amid pomp and pageantry. 

  It was a memorable and unforgettable Valentine’s Day for Chuks and his fiancée, the affable, angelic and lovable Helena. It was a day they would never forget in a hurry.


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