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US wants ‘strong UK staying in a strong EU’: Kerry


John Kerry. Source: Wikipedia

John Kerry. Source: Wikipedia

The United States strongly backs Britain staying in the European Union as it gears up for a referendum on its membership, US Secretary of State John Kerry told an audience in Germany on Saturday.

“Obviously, the United States has a profound interest in your success, as we do in a very strong UK staying in a strong EU,” Kerry said at the Munich Security Conference.

The British government is engaged in an intensive round of high-stakes diplomacy aimed at renegotiating the terms of Britain’s EU membership before holding an in-out referendum.

Prime Minister David Cameron is seeking to convince his 27 fellow EU leaders to back controversial reform proposals at a leaders’ summit in Brussels on February 18-19.

“The truth is, in every decade since its founding, the EU has been tested by forces –- internal and external -– that benefited from a house divided,” Kerry said.

“We know many Europeans feel overwhelmed by the latest round of challenges, including concerns about the UK’s potential exit from the EU.

“I want to express the confidence of the United States… that –- as it has so many times before –- Europe is going to emerge stronger than ever, provided it stays united and builds common responses to these challenges.”

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1 Comment
  • Chelseagirl

    The majority of EU countries NEED the EU to ensure a level (however minor) democracy after having suffered from dictators.

    The BIG difference is that the UK has never been invaded nor have we ever had a control period by a nasty dictator. Therefore we have never looked to the EU to secure a level of freedom.

    We have fought and won our freedom over hundreds of years and do not intend to give it away without a fight. BREXIT is this generations WW3. And be sure we will win. Our forefathers and mothers showed us the way and instilled in everyone of us how to do it. This time our weapon is a piece of paper and a pen instead of guns.

    The UK is leaving the EU apologies if that is uncomfortable for you but you should start that grievance process earlier rather than later.

    BTW the UK is part of the continent of Europe, we are and will always be Europeans and we love Europe and our European cousins , the best and most beautiful continent and peoples on this planet. The Uk leaving the EU will not change that.