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Why Nigeria remains under-developed, by Alegeh


Augustine Alegeh, NBA President

Augustine Alegeh, NBA President

President of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), Augustine Alegeh (SAN), has identified abuse of office, absence of rule of law, corruption, insecurity and impunity as some of the hindrances that have held Nigeria back since independence.

Speaking at a University of Benin (UNIBEN) event in Benin City, the Edo State capital, the NBA boss noted that governments world over were increasingly engaging in reforms to ignite, support and sustain economic growth and development in their countries, stressing that Nigeria must not be different.

He particularly tackled successive administrations for lacking the needed leadership and vision to ignite economic growth in the country.

Alegeh said though the nation’s crude oil and gas reserves had increased over the years, he, however, lamented that there has not been a significant economic growth and development relative to the enormous resources.

Acknowledging that several programmes had in the past been initiated and sold to the public as policies and programmes designed to boost development and economic growth at all levels, he, nonetheless, regretted that “these programmmes were mere conduits to siphon and loot the public treasury.

“The few of such programmes that worked and impacted positively on the lives of the citizens were later abandoned by successive governments that erroneously thought that these programmes had served their purposes being the initiatives of previous administrations.”

He noted that the attempt by the National Assembly to balkanise the Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB) and pass it piecemeal was unhelpful to addressing the problems confronting the oil and gas sector.

Alegeh reiterated that the piece of legislation aims to address the constant face -off between oil companies and their host communities.

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  • amador kester

    This infamous league brought the nation low: the judiciary, the current senate, the civil service hierarchy with its perm secs and contracts inflating directors, the operative cabals and cults in the petroleum sector,the political cabals, the unions that go on strike at the drop of a pin including nma,the vice chancellors that turn chancellors of vice,the grades selling lecturers that produce an empty headed, corrupt generation, the generator mafia that fights power sector upgrade, the self serving advisers to leaderships,the vendor of adulterated,toxic products, the local police officers that secretly cahoot with criminals anywhere ,the psychopatic manager in a big public organization, the unproductive worker,the irresponsible parent that never trains nor disciplines the kids, the tempestous clergyman that dabbles actively into power politics,, the unknown forces that instigate herdsmen,s violence, the senior citizen that does not tell the truth to the nation, the citizen who glorifies the public officer that looted public funds or protests his prosecution by efcc,the jaundiced journalist, the money laundering banks that never grow the economy, the ostentatious big consumer that imports rather than buy local products of identical grade and who hides his billions in offshore tax havens rather than create local industries that grow employment, the ethnic sentimentalist, the …! It is time the above unprintables did a change of heart and decide to contribute to building a society that will make life easier for posterity. Their old games did not pay off but infused the system with interminable abominable entropy for which none is safe including them