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Ndigbo, Fani-Kayode and 2015 presidency


FANI-KAYODETHERE is no doubt that the only way the Igbos, apart from political accident, can produce the president in the country is by zoning. If not for the sudden demise of President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua in office, and President Goodluck Jonathan’s contest of 2011 Presidency against the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) zoning arrangement, PDP would have fielded a Southeast presidential candidate, and a North Central running mate in this forthcoming presidential poll. The founding fathers of the party know this. The then PDP national chairman, Chief Vincent Ogbulafor was very frank and courageous at the peak of the late President Yar’Adua health saga when he publicly declared that PDP would abide by its presidency zoning arrangement.

But immediately Jonathan assumed office as president, the presidency and its hawks ousted Ogbulafor from office and roped him in, in alleged corrupt practice to silence him. Some prominent Igbo politicians in the PDP and their Northern counterparts which include Senator Ken Nnamani, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, Senator Ben Obi, Prof. ABC Nwosu, Senator Uche Chukwumerije, Prof. Ango Abdullahi and others met severally then and even signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that they would work together as a people to ensure that their political interest and aspiration would be met. Indirectly, they were against Jonathan’s ambition to contest 2011 presidential poll knowing full well the long-term political implication of such on PDP zoning principle that has been driving the party’s success in the poll since 1999. But before one could bat an eyelid, the Igbo political leaders in the PDP have capitulated and sold out to the Jonathan’s ambition in 2011. Typical of an Igbo man, many of the Igbo political leaders jumped into the Jonathan’s campaign train to the disappointment of their Northern counterparts. They were settled with contracts, appointments, and cash in exchange for their political opportunity and by the extension right to produce the presidency in 2015.

Ahead of the 2015 polls, they saw the political trend with the formation of All Progressives Congress (APC), the alignment between the North and the Southwest which has become the possible game change, they stuck with the Jonathan’s ambition even when it is obvious that Jonathan’s government in the last five years plus has failed the Igbos woefully. In the last five years of Jonathan administration in Igbo land, It has been more of political promise less action. From the Second Niger Bridge, Enugu-Onitsha road, Enugu-Port Harcourt road, Onitsha port to the refusal to commission Prof. Barth Nnaji’s Geometric power plant in Aba that was ready for almost two years now. The list is endless. But some few Igbo treacherous leaders who are beneficiaries of the President Jonathan’s government and the massive corruption that has characterised it in the last five years have continued to shamelessly campaign for his re-election in Igbo land with nothing concrete for the Igbos. They are busy spreading cheap propaganda and hate message against the All Progressives Congress (APC) and its presidential candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari.

These categories of Igbo leaders include former governors, incumbent governors, serving ministers, former ministers, leadership of Ohanaeze Ndigbo and several others. With so much public funds, they are busy engaging in all kinds of hatchet political jobs. They are everywhere on the pages of newspaper, in the churches, communities, on the streets sponsoring pro-Jonathan rallies with looted public money, casting Buhari and APC. They are deluding the people that Buhari will islamise Nigeria if he is elected President, but failed to tell them why President Jonathan has not Christianised the country in the last five years, if it is easy. They are telling them that the Hausa are Boko Haram and not good people, but did not tell them why Boko Haram insurgents have been killing and displacing the Muslims in the last five years. If truly Hausa are not good as these elite want us to believe, why have they been able to co-habit peacefully in the Igbo land for decades. One hard truth these set of Igbo political mercenaries have refused to disclose to their people or wouldn’t want them to know is that the votes of the Southeast and South-South which is about 16.8 million cannot return Jonathan for second term, even if he gets all of them which is not possible. That the votes of these two geo-political zones are not up to the vote of the Northwest zone with 19,800 million votes.

In this their hatchet job, none of these so-called Igbo political leaders in the PDP is talking or negotiating anything better for the political future of the Southeast in power equation of the country. What matters most to them is the immediacy, which is their private pockets, business interests, and that of their families, and relations. Others can go to hell. That is why majority of them have remained with the tag “Any Government In Power” (AGIP).

It is for this reason that some Nigerians such as the Director of Media and Publicity of the President Jonathan campaign organisation, Chief Femi-Fani-Kayode could summon courage to insult the sensibilities of the Igbo in the name of campaigning for President Jonathan by re-writing the civil war history.
Addressing journalists in Umuahia Abia State recently, Fani-Kayode, said there had been “mind boggling allegations” against Buhari over his roles in the massacre of Igbo in the 60s and should, therefore, not be allowed to continue to run from his shadows.

He said Buhari’s hands reek of the blood of innocent Igbo civilians massacred in cold blood hence such atrocities could not qualify him as a presidential candidate but a candidate for the International Criminal Court (ICC) at The Hague.

Citing the horrendous massacre of Igbo civilians, including women and children in the North, and the killing of Igbo men and young boys at Asaba after the town was “liberated” by federal forces, Fani-Kayode insisted that Buhari’s name had always popped up in connection with those heinous crimes against humanity.

It had been expected that some Igbo leaders would have call Fani-Kayode to order over the unguarded utterances especially concerning the Igbo and the civil war, but as we know the fear of incurring the Presidency’s wrath appears to be their handicap because they lack integrity. If not, what did Fani-Kayode know about Igbo and the civil war experiences. If Buhari was serving in a military division where Igbo were killed during the civil war does that mean that Buhari killed them? Of what effects are such utterances on Igbo’s fortune in Jonathan presidency? Why such comments now?

Why was Fani-Kayode trying to re-write history of civil war for the Igbo, and when has he become the spokesman of the Igbo or Ohanaeze? Lest we forget, the worst thing that happened to the Igbo after the war was the issue of abandoned property in Rivers. Bayelsa was part of Rivers then and President Jonathan was from there. So we can conveniently ask President Jonathan and his people to explain their roles in the abandoned property saga in Rivers. This is because most of the property in the present Rivers and Bayelsa and by extension Cross River belong to Igbo before the war but could not recover them after the war. The old Rivers people seized everything Igbo worked for and refused to give them back anything after the war.

Whereas those in the North whom people like Fani- Kayode tagged enemies of the Igbo did not only protect Igbo property in the region, they returned them to the Igbo immediately after the civil war. People like the late Biafra warlord Chief Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu reclaimed his father’s house in Kano after the war and willed it to one of her daughters at death. That is why it was easy for Igbo in the North to start life quickly after the war. Before the Boko Haram insurgency, 80 per cent of Igbo were earning their living in the remote areas of the North where you hardly find an Ijaw man. This is because Ijaw men are not good at adventures. So who is trying to pitch Igbo against the North ahead of the rescheduled polls? When has Igbo become cheap products for sale to the highest bidder? Ahead of the rescheduled presidential poll, the political atmosphere is very clear. The direction is change and the Igbo should not be behind because immediately the change occurs, these political hypocrites called Igbo leaders in the PDP that have been hoodwinking the Igbo with Greek gift from President Jonathan will be the first to shift base. They are not truly Igbo political leaders, but political harlots who are specialists in the elitist conspiracy, and divide and rule method to remain politically relevant. Igbo must shine their eyes.

• Nwaezeorah, a retired civil servant, wrote from Nsukka, Enugu State

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  • Nazerine

    “If Buhari was serving in a military division where Igbo(s) were killed during the civil war does that mean that Buhari killed them?”
    Answer: NO! Good reasoning from a true Igbo son. So let’s troop en masse to vote Buhari. Shame on you.

    • sandra

      sorry my friend no way for a butcher of ibo people, his past is hunting. never will he win any place in ibo land even if he is the last man in nigeria

    • Layi Niyi

      Fight for your future, you have overstayed on the past issues be tactical for a second.

  • agbobu


  • Progress Please, Not Change Fo

    GEJ has “failed the Igbos woefully”
    first time an international airport in Igboland – GEJ
    first time Igbos have oil mining and exploration licence which led to the first oil refinery in Igboland Oriental oil – GEJ
    Innoson – first indigenous vehicle manufacturer – GEJ
    people are allowed to have their choice but to tell petty lies for a paltry bowl of porridge is just tragic

    • Layi Niyi

      Young man, leanrt to read, you don’t read and it is so easy to fool you guys. Emeka Offor has been in the Oil business before Jonathan become Dep. Governor in Balyesa, the so call Intl. Airport is not even better than local Airpoirt, no Intl Airway can take the risk of plying the route. Innoson has been leading vehicle manufacturer before Jonathan become president.

      You better listen to people like Nwaezeorah who can reason beyond today. Tell me with your alliance with PDP or Jonathan what does future have for Igbo nation, you don’t support the West and you hate the North.Come to think of it after Jonathan or Buhari, a Christian presidential candidate from middle belt in the North or Yoruba has better opportunity to be the next Nigeria president than an Igbo man because of your wrong political analytic thinking.

      • John West

        Please leave igbos alone, mind your yoruba nation. we know our haters and lovers, this piece of shit of an article above is nothing but a bullshit from an hausalized igbo man and the igbos don’t give a fuck about it. yorubas and hausas had not been better than igbos and can never be till eternity. for your information international flights (at least Ethiopian airline and arik airline) departs and arrives at Enugu international airport,PLEASE GO AND VERIFY. i know for now it may not be up to lagos standard but we know in a short time it will meet more than that standard. the writer of this article is out of his mind to think that an igbo man would have been warming up to be the president of Nigeria if Jonathan was not elected in 2011 when there was a lot of forces from all angle to oppose that, and yoruba man will be the first to oppose that. do you think igbos are as foolish as your people that don’t even know when they are going to hit a brick wall as you guys did in 1993, we are too intelligent to be used as an ingredients of divide and rule. the slap of a friend is better than the kisses of an enemy, and besides why must we vote for buhari when he has made not only igbos but good thinking and reasonable Nigerians to know he is going to pursue an agenda that will only please those that believe in his course. it is so interesting and is serving south east and south south better now that the igbos have sacrificed the time they would have used to tussle with Jonathan over whose’ turn to rule to harmonizing between south south and south east and it has become a threat to those that wanted to initiate divide and rule among the two region.

        • Layi Niyi

          your eye will be clear next week.

          • John West

            Buhari is not a candidate in any ramification and will only win if we are in the 8th century.

    • Mr. Right

      Mbudu Okuku is what you call an international airport, be for real pal. I hope you have seen an international airport in your life.

  • jonasodocha

    It is indeed unfortunate for Ndigbo that characters like FFK have the effrontery to come over to Igboland to sermonize to Ndigbo on any aspects of the plight of Ndigbo in Nigeria or worse still, the Biafra debacle. We know what roles were played and are being played by some Nigerians who have this collective disdain for Ndigbo and who are the champions of the CONSPIRACY THEORY against Ndigbo. Enough of this barefaced HYPOCRISY!!!

    • sandra

      brother you got it all wrong, where else in Nigeria apart from the north are the ibos killed at will since after civil war and has there in history were bokohari condemn such killing, our people are dying on the road every time there is an election running from the north that you are clamoring for just the fear of been victims after election and no condemnation from your so call messiah. we are waiting for the right time from God to give us a chance just as you can see that south south got it without a fight,it will be our turn some day, no hurry in life but please tell your people to use the north east 19m votes as you claimed that is more than SE and SS votes, why then are the seeking our votes if you think we are not relevant. you apc guys talk from both sides of your mouth and i hate your ways

  • Perrymarvis2014

    Mr Nwaezeorah, You have said it all. Thank you for your uprightness and truthfulness. Fani Kayode is a fool, he is only trying to protect his stocmach. OBJ said give Fani Kayode food, he will vote for a goat. That is exactly what he is vomiting all he has said about how corrupt and inept Jona is when he came as a mole in APC, Tinubu knew him very well, he never allowed him to come close enough. He left out o frustration. He is a disgrace to Yourubaland, a disgrace to Nigeria and a disgrace to humanity. He is waiting to go and take over the space left by Bode Geroge in Kirikiri, that is where his likes belong. Jona is protecting all known crooks in Nigeria in the name of second term ambition, but their days are numbered and they will surely have their days in court. As for so called IGBO leaders in PDP, they are a sorry bunch. Give them food and bribe, they will sell their birth right.

  • UK BOY

    Everything you’ve said has a lot of point to it. The abandoned property issue was not the only place the igbos suffered after the civil war, the biggest problem that hit the igbos hardest was when after the civil war, every igbo family irrespective of what you had in your account in the bank, was only given £20. This was a calculated move that was spearheaded by awolowo who at the time was the minister of finance, a grand design and strategy at exclusion for the igbos from participating at the time after the civil war in the privatisation programme, what happened in that programme ensured the perpetuation and propagation of exclusion and marginalisation of the resources of the realm to a certain class of citizens. This in my oppinion was more atrocious than the abandoned property saga. If you can’t participate in the economic wheeler dealings in a society, the idea that you’ll be able to achieve your full potential, would be a tall dream. I’m not mentioning awolowo because i intend to denigrate or demean his achievement albeit his importance and what he stands for, i just want the facts to be laid bare. The civil war was a tragedy in all its ramifications, both to the igbos and to the other tribes affected by its fallout. Long live nigeria

  • Wiseman

    You seems to be right in your analysis bro,but not to vote for a TERRORIST,unless you are one, every available records shows that the Boko Haram proprietor (Buhari) has no iota of regard for the igbos, So sorry Mr Nwaezeorah no Igbo man will vote for buhari. GEJ till 2019

    • Adeyemi Abiodun G.

      @ wiseman, if Buhari is Boko Haram, will he be attaching his People? B H visit to a city in north in February 14 just to tell the people in that city not to vote, will Buhari tell North-east not to vote? if some one is deceiving us is better than we to be deceiving yourself.
      Yes, we will make a choice between a man who decided not to declare
      his assets upon assumption of office, giving no damn to whatever
      Nigerians will say, and a man who decided to collect only 10% of his
      LEGITIMATE pension as he felt ex-rulers are simply OVER-PAID!

      course, we will make a choice between a man who does not see the number
      ONE problem of the nation as CORRUPTION, and another whose campaign
      promises are based on FIGHTING CORRUPTION headlong.

      We will make a
      choice between a man who celebrates and rewards PROVEN CORRUPT
      individuals and a
      man whose ANTECEDENTS and present lifestyle detest corruption, and is
      willing to fight it.

      We will make a choice between a man who has
      torn the nation into SHREDS along ETHNIC and RELIGIOUS lines, who has
      successfully destroyed the Governor’s Forum by ACCEPTING that 16 is
      greater than 19, destroyed the ethnic militias’ original intention, with
      dollars and juicy contracts, and a man who has lived all his life with

      really to STEP out of the shores of this land, if you haven’t, and see
      how nationals of other nations, including fellow african countries ,
      treat Nigerians with DISDAIN due to LACK of LEADERSHIP back home.

      Let Mar. 28 come, quickly please, O Lord!

  • Garden-City Boy

    Another awusa jackass masquerading as a “Nwaezeora”. For our mullahs from awusa, words and expression lose their conventional meanings and assume new ones that suite the the awusa man’s desire. One such expression is “RE-WRITE”
    From this neo-Nwaezeora’s garbage, the phrase “rewrite history” appears to have the positives that credit Fani-Kayode with authenticity. For, while Fani aim to catalog atrocities committed against the Igbo by Buhari and his awusa brothers, this neo-Nwaeze talks about post-atrocities “abandoned properties”. Igbo survivors of the 1966 Igbo pogrom across awusa North and later the genocide that left over 3million dead, have not only picked up the pieces, but gone ahead to build back their lives.
    Everybody knows that the Abandoned Property policy was envy-driven, passionate vengeance pursued by the awusa-infested FG to dispossess and impoverished those Igbos that survived genocidal agenda. The Igbo’s have since recovered, and don’t even appear to go back to old antics they left behind in 1966. If anything, the policy had boomeranged and appeared to have fired up the Igbos into doing greater things…..things over and above what is pre-war. The recovery was not only awsome, it was dramatic…..almost complete. They did not need a Buhari to achieve the feat.
    However, in his “unre-written history” recounts the recovering of some Kano property but wished away the arrest and imprisonment of the Ikemba by Buhari for reasons best known to the bastard megalomaniac. For this imbecilic nitwit, the pogrom , the genocide, the Asaba massacre did not happen, Gen. Ironsi -Nigeria’s first Military Head-of-State- was not murdered, and scores of Igbo military officers were never wasted by Buhari and his awusa brothers.Neo-Nwaezeora would want us to believe that Igbos were never the primary target of Boko Haram, which is purely an awusa militant killers that enjoys Buhari’s sympathy and support. The jackass was close to telling his readers that Bartholomew Owoh, Bernard Ogedengbe and Lawal Ojulope all committed suicide to atone for their sins, perhaps.
    I some ways, this pinhead appears to see himself as the lone Igbo with a mind sane enough to determine who the real Igbo friend should be. He awards the prize a barbaric clan of murderers, rapists, vandals and parasitic bandits called awusa. Igbos may have their issues with Fani-Kayode, no doubt, But it is not for some idiot Garuba Shehu to broker it, hiding behind a “nwaezeora” mask. It is a miserably futile effort by a disingenuous awusa islamist to launder and repackage a vicious killer that should have long taken his well-deserved one-way trip to the gallows for serial murder and high treason. This last gasp of a dying band of desperate, broom-wielding, demonic occultists is too little, too late. This bum cannot re-write history of awusa atrocities and Buhari’s deadly impunity against Igbo people……..SORRY!

  • Most Honestly Amadioha

    Nwanne, onyem ga aturu bu GMB. Jonothing egbuola ndi igbo

  • Sal Yarima

    Blah blah blah….goat meat….pepper soup

  • Sal Yarima

    Talk talk talk

  • Sal Yarima

    Kai mallam mai shanu