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Orji’s big stick on traditional rulers


T.A. Orji


IT looks like there is no let out to how far the government of Abia State can go to hound its opponents or whoever identifies with their vision. For the government of T.A. Orji, it is coming to something between obsession and paranoia with anything Alex Otti. If a convoy passes by, they say, pursue, Otti has come; if a campaign is going on, they say, block the road, Otti has come. Even the church is not left out. If Otti visits a church and says something, the officials are invited for questioning. This happened in an Anglican Church recently.

And we ask, is this a service or disservice to President Goodluck Jonathan and the PDP? Does it pay them to let go all these in the name of politics and how would this affect their wider political fortune and legacy? Truth is, no matter how T. A. Orji tries to intimidate or hound, it is time up. Each time he engages in these escapades, God’s own people and God’s own State loathe him and his co-travelers the more. The immediate sufferer is his crown prince Ikpeazu who is bearing the burden of misdeeds perpetrated by the T.A. Orji administration.

This is why the people say, come April 11, Ikpeazu will look for another trade and T.A. Orji will commence nursing the bruises of a crippling failure. Now, it’s the turn of the Traditional Rulers. Five of them were dethroned by the government of T.A. Orji for seemingly showing signs of support for the thoughts and visions of Dr. Alex Otti.

The signs, not even the support earned them a sack. But listen to what irks the administration: it is that Dr. Alex Otti gave Personal Insurance Coverage to 7,200 indigent Abians to obtain free medical care and the subjects of these traditional rulers benefitted from the scheme. It is that Alex Otti said, that those workers whose salaries have not been paid will get paid whether the government of T.A Orji leaves money for it or not; it is that come next academic session, no Abia child of school age should be out of school in his free education scheme; it is that the Ministry of Aba Affairs will ensure that ‘Made in Aba’ goods come into the world’s Goods’ Shelf during and after Alex Otti’s tenure.

All these, both done and to be done, the government of T.A.Orji summarizes as deceit. Why not, when to them it is impossible? Why impossible? Because you can’t give what you don’t have. They don’t know it, they don’t have it and they can’t give it, therefore, it is impossible and ultimately a deceit. But the Traditional Rulers know that formerly impoverished countries like Singapore were built by men of vision, men of will and purpose, men who loved their people, men who understood the message of sacrifice.

Alex Otti knows about these men. To others, it’s a deceit; to him, it’s a challenge. His bold spirit and sincerity of purpose is what has endeared him to the Traditional Rulers, nay to all Abians but constituted a scary nightmare to those who regard the people as mere chase-boards.

It may look like the evening sun to: HRH Eze Nelson Emerengwa of Isiekenta autonomous community; HRH Eze N.N Nwachukwu of Ovungvu autonomous community, HRH Eze Peter Emereonye of Okporoahaba autonomous community, HRH Eze Sampson C. Jinanwa of Amaise Ovungwu autonomous community and HRH Eze Engineer Gbufor Jo who were sacked by T.A. Orji. But that is exactly the platform to sight the new frontier, the frontier of excellence, the frontier of tears of joy, the frontier of how we overcame.

That is the shore providence has landed them and their subjects: the desired future which beckons true freedom. If they are the ones who sacrificed for their people to be free, what a legacy? T.A. Orji may go ahead to sack more and more, but the future has come for the people. If he is ready, he should stop and join; if he is not, he should stay in the past and April 11 is the date. • Onyegbule writes from Aba, Abia State

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