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Pastoral terrorists on the rampage





Sir: Cows are cantankerous animals with cankerworms in their brains! Cows can go mad and destroy any living or non-living things in sight! If dogs, goats, fowls, and other domestic animals are prohibited by law from being let loose in the communities, why should the Federal Government play dead to the menace of cows which roam peaceful communities dangerously?

Apart from the health hazards and dangers posed by loose cows that deposit dungs and scabies anyhow in their trail, the herdsmen have turned to murderers and farms destroyers, kidnappers in recent time!

Cattlerearers now carry unlicensed arms and ammunition to terrorise and victimise agrarian communities provocatively! Their cows on major roads at times break cars’ windscreens and mirrors with horns! Why do the Fulani herdsmen engage in impunity and act dangerously as if Nigeria were a jungle and lawless society?

If anyone desires to rear cattle, why not confine the herds to their kraals and ranches instead of constituting nuisance and danger in this modern society!

Let the Federal Government act in the national interest and enforce the law against these pastoral terrorists on rampage!

• Kunle Rotimi,

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