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Gambari, others visit Obasanjo, condemn calls for Jega’s removal


Prof. Ibrahim Gambari

Prof. Ibrahim Gambari

• Say whoever causes violence will face ICJ

SOME eminent Nigerians, under the umbrella, “Council of the Wise,” yesterday expressed worry at the gale of protests by some armed militias in different parts of the country, describing the development as “unfortunate and partisan.”
In past days, the Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) and the Oodua People’s Congress (OPC), in Enugu and Lagos respectively, had been calling for the dismissal of the Chairman of Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Prof. Attahiru Jega, over the large number of citizens being disenfranchised by the electoral body ahead of the general elections.

However, coordinator of the council, Prof. Ibrahim Gambari, told newsmen after a closed-door meeting with former President, Olusegun Obasanjo, at his hilltop residence in Abeokuta yesterday that such protests were “not the proper thing to do at this critical period.”
According to Gambari, who was Nigeria’s former Permanent Representative at the United Nations, “you don’t change a referee at the middle of a game.” In view of that, he cautioned Nigerians, including the First Lady, Mrs. Patient Jonathan, against making utterances that could undermine peaceful elections.

He warned that whoever plunges the country into violence by his or her action would be made to account for it at the International Criminal Court (ICC). Fielding questions from journalists, Gambari said: “Like many Nigerians, we feel concerned about this 2015 general elections.
“The council chairman is Justice Mohammed Uwais (rtd) and we have members from each of the geo-political zones. We have been visiting past presidents, traditional rulers, religious leaders, civil societies, security forces, and INEC, of course.

“The objective is to have credible and violence-free general elections, and Nigerians want this. The international community is watching, we have five elections to be held in West Africa alone this year and Nigeria is number one.

“As the most populous black country in Africa and one with the largest economy, we have a greater responsibility to conduct our elections as an example to others. So, free and fair election is important, peace is important and a reason Nigeria should show good example.

“The whole world is watching, including the representatives of the United Nations, the United States and the International Criminal Court (ICC), because some people, whoever they may be that are fomenting violence and undermining the will of the people, will be held accountable.”
Meanwhile, he disclosed that Obasanjo received them warmly, noting that the ex-presidents are important voices in Nigerians’ aspiration for peaceful elections, and have lent their support for peaceful and credible elections, where all avenues to ensure transparency and credibility should be explored.

On Mrs. Jonathan’s reported statement that those calling for change should be stoned, Gambari replied: “It is not my duty to advise the First Lady, and I don’t know exactly what was said.

“There has been retraction of what was reported to have been said, but in any case, what we are telling Nigerians, both these at the top and those at the bottom, is that we should all be dedicated to peace and peaceful elections.
“Elections should be held on time to avoid constitutional crisis, one which outcome will be acceptable and credible, not within Nigeria alone but also outside Nigeria. It is not a do or die battle.”

On the protests against Jega by ethnic militias, Gambari said: “It is unfortunate. You cannot change referee in a middle of a game for partisan reason. But INEC has principal responsibility to conduct free and fair elections for all of us and we should join hands to support the electoral body to conduct credible elections that will not undermine our security and development.”
The council was established by Savannah Centre for Diplomacy, Democracy and Development.

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  • Barnabas Dagah

    What would Gambari be saying if he had no voter’s card 10 days to election for no fault of his? Jega is talking as if there is nothing wrong that many cannot vote for no fault of theirs. He is never sympathetic about his failures but wants to drum up his achievements. He was prepared to go ahead with 60% of registered voters, haba Jega?
    Let us put ourselves in the pther person’s shoes.

    • sasga

      In fact my brother he is disgrace completely. How can a prof bring an electronic gadget and wants to test it on the day of election, with millions of PVC not collected, north states with boko haram had 90% collection, ad hoc staff not trained……. and he said they were ready. Sincerely, GEJ should have sent him parking since that time.

    • enechoice

      I learnt trial was done and there was 40% failure rate, yet a prof. is giving himself a pass mark and ready to go. God pass all of us o. INEC was very ready in January but till now they are still busy. When will some one tell the truth or admit failure for once?

  • eno_Obong(II)

    these pple must be drunk. who told them they are wise?

    • Olatokunbo Ogun

      Eno. you’re the one stupid and unintelligent!!! Garage people or illiterates like you see things from tribal view.

      • Efula

        If you are not stupid and intellectually bankrupt as they are, they should have started from the beginning to condemn those who are making capable of destroying the country. Why have they not make any comment with all the nonsense Obansanjo, Amaechi and others are making. Why must they visit Obsanajo who is in sane. They are the people destroying the country. What makes them wise.?

        • The crescent

          most of jonothing supporters talk as if they got no brain. why would they not visit OBJ. when late president musa died, who was the major personalty behinde the sworn in of jonothing? OBJ. 2011 election who played a major role in ensuring the jonothing win the election? OBJ. OBJ ensure that clueless president not only win the party primary but also becomes the Nigeria president. yet some of the jonathan supporters who can not even deliver their immediate family members to vote for jonothing open their month to attacked baba iyabo

          • Efula

            You are your baba iyabo are stupid. If you are not insane, have u seen any country whose president died, and the Vice President are refused to take over. When Murtala died, was there any bargain before your stupid OBJ took over. Does the country belong to the oluku Obasanjo who decides who rule the country. PDP is bad, But Obasanjo who rule and ruin the country for 8 yrs is good. He is the navigator of APC. When u sectional tribe open your dirty mouth to abuse jonathan, Gambari and others does not condemn it only when southerners react. The country does not belong to Obansajo and he cannot decide who rules the country. When he was doing that is over, and Nigerians are wiser than him.Go to hell with Gambari, and OBJ. You are all dumbs and blinds in one room.

          • Efula

            Fools are calling themselves wise.

          • The crescent

            Your emotion has really block your good sense of judgement. hope u really have sense of judgement.the issue is that PDP has a party has ruined the country for the 16 years in power Obasanjo inclusive.This issue of not about section or religion. it is about good goverance, purposeful leadership, result-oriented.who is jonathan? if not Obasanjo that supported him wholehearted. where was edwin clark and his likes.Obasanjo can go hell, Jonathan can go to hell, PDP can also go to hell. i care not. my position is: a nigeria, where corruption will be tackled to the barest minimunm, a nigeria , where security of lives and properties will be guaranteed.a nigeria, where there will be abundant opportunities for all to grow.Jonathan had failed woefully,never in the history of the country do we have this bad.your emotion or sentiment will not stop us from voting out clueless jonothing.

          • Efula

            You should write your sucide note and keep it. Definitely Jonathan will return to power and you wiil not live to see that day. You will hang yourself. You are talking of corrupt free country while most people who drained nigerian pause are your Yourba kinsmen. What are u talking of corruption and security when your Muslim brothers decided to use religion to destroy the country and initiated boko Haram. Jonathan has become the worst president simply because he came from minority state. Obj, IBB, Abacha and etc are the best presidents. They are corrupt free. Tribal sentiments will definitely land you all the grave. When your Baba destroyed the country, he was not regarded as the worst president. OBJ does not need to support Jonathan taking over from the late Boss if we are honest and doing the right thing. He does not need the support of anybody because it was purely constitutional. That was the beginning of the hatred. Yourbas and Fulanis believed that power is their birth right and they decides who rules the country. Never again.

          • enechoice

            Would You accord a former honorable same honor when he has signed the removal of his own name from the honorable. Mention one former president ( in Nigeria and Africa as a whole, living and dead ) that is like OBJ – from his home front to public and political life. I do not know if you are a Christian, but there are prophets and there are ‘old prophets’. When a man begins to tear down institutions built by his own hands, you should know. Or you know OBJ more than Gbenga and Iyabo?

          • Well said. OBJ is on his journey into political oblivion. His generation entrenched impunity and corruption into Nigerian consciousness. Their poverty of ideas and mediocre governance is emblematic of the rot we inherited from their generation.

          • Victor Akpabio

            Then OBJ invariably becomes your demi god

        • cudoh

          Grammatically nonsense and Intellectually inane you are of a person, Efula. By the way, what school did you go to? This man, you must be walking with your head instead of your legs. Calling professor Gambari intellectually bankrupt and at the same time insulting ex president Obasanjo. What an errand nonsense. Efula,I have noted that all your comments on the above report are an embodiments of insults and abuse of people who do not agree with your opinions. This not how debates are conducted.
          it appears you are a product of a breed uncultured background. Who will blame you, of all people. This is the kind of democracy and human rights we are trying to imbibe on our people. If you have grown up without knowing who your fathers and elders are in your society, l would rather recommend you go back to the stone age. If l were your parent l will hide my head in the sand for having a child of your breed. Some times, l feel ashamed when l read about how some of our people allow their emotions to over ride their sense of decency and decorum. Please grow up, for God sake

      • one love

        u dont have to reply all comments let dem be

      • eno_Obong(II)

        and what has this got to do with tribe? idiot

    • Edidiong Usungurua

      Does this represent your best contribution ?

      • eno_Obong(II)

        is this a contribution?

    • abuasmau

      Et tu?

  • Sani Kwami

    My owned submission to that is nothing but rather, the ruling party and its cabal the ve to be very careful in taking any decision which may hinders violence, in the country, the shld followed due process in making it clear in order to promote or to ve peaceful election, and the shld not look at it to their owned convenience. that may bring back to their ends the can go back to the history of democraical function, and transitional development of democracy in the world.

    • Efula

      You have not submitted anything here. What has the ruling party got to do when your brother Jega said, he was ready for election and millions of voters card were in his office unclaimed. You guys should reason and forget about tribal sentiments. Does the ruling party stopped jega from distributing the cards to the owners. If you all are taking sensibly, you should have asked Jega what would have happened if the millions of PVC cards collected since the election was put off what would have happened if such persons were not able to vote. The man was not ready for election but being a proud missing man he was blowing his trumpet that he was ready to promote tension as if the ruling party was playing pranks but in the real sense, the shifting was in his favour. A lot of people will not vote due to his wrong policies, yet, you and your APC will blame Jonathan administration. APC has lost even before the election. They are only shouting on top of the roof to cause tension and crises when they bow out. You guys should think positively and stop making infilamentary remarks.

  • Kwando

    I respected the views of Gambari and his group but they went to the wrong place and person which put their intent to question. It is also wrong for him to taunt ICC when it suits him without making reference to the Kaduna Violence of 2011 Election.

  • Joe

    The best way for Nigeria is true federalism. We have too many people that are not sincere in Nigeria. If there should be any Nigerian to face ICC is buhari, for calling his supporters to kill people on the streets of kaduna in 2011 because he lost an election. Nigeria may never know peace because of some certain caliber of people. Gambari visiting OBJ means Gambari has joined APC.

  • Arinze Nwosu

    Gambari and Uwais are boko-haram and ISIS fathers.
    Their families were fed fat on Niger delta oil for too long, and their children are wasted.
    Shame to the locusts.


  • Adesiyan Aderemi Olanrewaju

    Jonathan promised security of life, security of property but now he is sponsoring militants, militias and thugs to kick against removal of Jega…why? Was it not this same Jega that helped him to win election the other time even in a place where he did not won anything? or can all these protests guarantee him any vote…..HE WHO DO GOOD SHALL NOT FEAR AND WHY JONATHAN IS FEARING NOW?….

    • Efula

      Jonathan promised security and you stupid muslims imported Boko Haram. All these cows, goat and sheeps will certainly be reduced. How can those of you who have no value for your life be among decent people. The war has just began.

      • Adesiyan Aderemi Olanrewaju

        And when Bokoharam came in what stupid imbecile and incapable president jonathan did? He used the life of those people to play politics thinking that he will used that to lure north to vote for him…is that a better man to you stupid man that have value to one’s life? Don’t worry start the war and don’t see the end….mumu man, you believe you people are decent and worth living with abi? You have failed yourself mr businessman who can sell anything in the family-hood to gain what he want in life as your brother jonashit is doing now……watch your foul mouth okay.

        • Efula

          Your father is an imbecile. You have no respect for your parents so u have none for the President of the country. The Northerners including you yourbas have no value for your life. There is nothing wrong for those of you who does not value life to die. That is your portion. Who cares whether they die or not, they are destined to die with their stupid religion of war. You cant eat your cake and have it. They vow to make the country ungovernable and it renounced back on them. They waged war against Christians but it turned back against them. Let them continue to die massively. You can go and defend them and perish there.

          • Adesiyan Aderemi Olanrewaju

            This real shows that you are one of those that their father used to use leg, water and cain to wake you up every morning. I can never have such an incapable man in the stature of useless GOODLUCK EBELE JONATHAN as a father….God forbid bad thing in my life. When Obasanjo was a president of this nation and that your brother asari dokubo and that useless thug called boyloaf and government was destroying your region, does Obasanjo left you all for your ruin and peril? He fought them achieve your people was his family but due to being a president which is father of the country he did that. Does your useless clueless moron jonathan supposed to left them or take it for granted for his partisan gains? Meanwhile, we thought that we have a pure civilian man who will have issue of average Nigeria like you at heart but we don’t know that he is a business man that want gain at all cost….you that you are supporting him also is a failure that supposed to have move beyond where you are but you remain in one spot lie a TIED MALE GOAT….

          • Capt Olanrewaju

            Again you got it wrong there. During my masters I did a research work on “The Niger Delta Militia Activity & Its Effect on the Nigerian Economy” and I discovered that the Nigerian Govt has not done much to compensate the oil rich Niger Delta from which the whole nation depends. Their land and water on which they depend for farming and fishing for livelihood, are getting worst due to oil exploration activities, yet their children can’t access free education and good medical facilities, let alone good roads. These are some of the reasons why the Niger Delta militants came up, and instead addressing the core issues OBJ being a military dictator used the JTF in an effort to silence them. In your words that was the best. Go back to your books and find out what leads to militia activities in all history and how every successful nation handled theirs.

          • Adesiyan Aderemi Olanrewaju

            What is essence Ministry of Niger-Delta? those that were put at the helm of the affairs of the ministry (which were sons and daughters of the region) were embezzling the money given to them to do all these things you have mentioned but they didn’t and rather they were sharing it between your chiefs and militants and when Obasanjo saw that they (militants) refused to stop destroying the properties of oil companies erected their and needs for security arose and he took action against them….so is that at obasanjo’s fault?

          • Capt Olanrewaju

            You just explained OBJs corrupt government. If he had in mind to develop the Niger Delta by setting up the Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs, he should have made sure the ministry fulfilled its functions, rather than using it as a means of embezzling funds and allowing his cabinet members go cash sharing spree with the Niger Delta chiefs. All the universities and schools GEJ has built, all the roads he has constructed did he give the money to the chiefs of the community involved to share? He monitored the work to delivery. OBJ only established the Min of Niger Delta affairs for him and his cabinet to steal from and enrich themselves while the poor Niger Deltans remain cheated. That’s why they hate GEJ. Wake up Nigerians!

          • Adesiyan Aderemi Olanrewaju

            I believe you are watching the election results yourself that we youths are the one choosing now?

        • enechoice

          Mr. Aderemi!! Did boko haram come or was made. Would you blame the person that set fire to the house and the one who could quench it equally? I would not join issues with you but will simply ask you a simple question. Between Goodluck and OBJ, your broda, who has done better as a visionary leader? I strongly advise people to check themselves if they were just convinced or they were even hypnotized about this —————

          • Adesiyan Aderemi Olanrewaju

            In-term of security which has and is still ravaging this country OBASANJO is still much more better than Jonathan and all what is happening like this higher rate of corruption under Jonathan today was not happened under Obasanjo. so my question to you How many people have Jonathan arrested, prosecuted and jailed for a day (either opposition or party member and service chief)?

          • Capt Olanrewaju

            Adesiyan, you must be, uninformed and totally clueless yourself. During Obasanjo’s tenure in office, corruption was so high that Nigeria was ranked the world 2nd most corrupt nation of the world, according to Transparency International.But within 6 years of Jonathan in the office, Nigeria has gone from 2nd to 39th position. You won’t see it because you’ve been blinded by bias and sentiments against Jonathan. Take it or leave it, OBJ is no match for GEJ. GEJ is still the best we have for now.

          • Adesiyan Aderemi Olanrewaju

            You must be mumu and brain derailed Nigerians…..during obasanjo time how dollars and Naira was disappear as like this time?…go back and calculate them yourself and compare it with obasanjo time..gej is nothing but failure and that’s why he will be chase away with my vote alone……#thinkwisely

      • Adesiyan Aderemi Olanrewaju

        Then bokoharam came what does your brother did to crub them? he negelected them for politics issue thinking he can use the war to get thier votes for him. Does your brother have value for life like that being a number security officer of this nation….so supporting your regional man means you too is a failure who doesnt have human feeling because your selfishness. Dont worry start the war and dont see the end before it even start.

    • seyiola

      Violence is in the DNA of PDP leaders.

  • Blessing

    We are leaving in a lawless country where some group of people are above the law, carrying weapons on the streets without any problem. Unless we stop this blatant disregard of law by voting this clueless Jonathan and PDP out of office our security can never be guaranteed

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    This story merely confirms that virtually all Nigerian Professors do not merit that appellation. Any sensible Nigerian ought to know that Jega’s position has become untenable and since we do not have a culture of resigning in Nigeria, the useless man ought to be shown the exit door. Even a WASC holder (not the fake Buhari variety) would do better than this Foolani man who has had all of 4 years to prepare. At this very moment, some PVCs are still in China! Yet, the clown called Jega claimed he was ready to conduct elections when 24m or so eligible voters would have been disenfranchised? And, some hare-brained people can’t see that Jega is a failure? Nigeria is truly doomed.

    • Efula

      The man Jega is only talking authoritatively but he has nothing to offer. I am happy that those who are speaking on his favour will taste a bitter pill of his administration. A man who has been there for years now, yet, he cannot produce a complete and accurate voters register. Few days to the election, voters cannot conveniently obtain their voters card. How then can he talk of credible poll.? This man is not capable, and people seems to be making politics out it. and at the end, the opposition who have resorted in propaganda will also blame jonathan. He is using presidential election for experiment. This man will plurge the nation in darkness because many people will not vote.
      He registered you in sokoto and your name appeared in Jigawa. He has never get anything correct since he was appointed. It always trial and error. Upon all these, yourbas whose high learning are putting them in sane and talking destroying the country. You neither know where they belong to. What is free and fair election when people are disfranchised.

    • enechoice

      Omooba, God bless you for your informed input. These are the people who have represented Nigeria at the United Nations for years. They ?represented? us and spoke for us! Chai, no wonder, Nigeria is like this. INEC that was ready since January ending has continued to work till today and this ?prof does not see anything wrong with it. We all know what they want. They want some one from the recycle bin to take power so that he can bring the rest of them from the recycle bin. Did they ever talk about Boko Haram menace? Did they talk about almajiri? Wise men ko. If they were almajiris would they have known the way to Ota? The performance of this govt, even right there in the north, will speak against them in Heaven before the day of the election. God of Truth will surprise them even before the elections. God will open the eyes of the youth in the North for them to be able to see and know who REALLY loves them more.

      • seyiola

        They are the people that have represented us and that is why Nigeria lags behind in the comity of Nations. Nigeria has been unfortunate to have bad leaders. It is is even worse this time around because we are being ruled by a president who is glaringly incompetent and a wife who is not only crude but is barely literate. What a double jeopardy for the country. When was the last time you witnessed this country being run by a husband taking order from his wife?. I bet, it has never happened.

    • seyiola

      Then, go and recall your “revered professor Iwu” to come and rig the election for you. Why are you afraid of card reader?. Give more money to OPC and MASSOB so that they can even cause mayhem on election day and you will pity Jonathan when he appears at the Hague. Charles Taylor and Laurent Gbagbo are still there.

  • arinpe

    Gambari warning patience jonathan for her utterances that he has not heard, how does this correlate.

  • Mukhtari

    Wise ??.These people can call themselves whatever name they want. How can Uwais who could not instill wisdom in his own family be chairman of the wise?

  • Most Honestly

    Gambari is the most corrupt man in the face of the earth, he is in the same rank with JONA and OBJ and CO, this is a man that squandered Nigeria resources at the UN Mission as the PR, listen, this guy is fraud to talk about morality and uprightness

  • beninboy

    Baba said it last year that GEJ was training we dey see am

  • Nordi

    Watch this Gambari man’s body language, you will see APC written all over him. Ummmmmmhh, some so called statesmen.

    • one love

      if Gambari speak for pdp what will u have said?

  • Henry

    Buhari should face legal trial at the International Criminal Court for the killing of 1000 Nigerians after the 2011 election.

  • Ojiyovwi

    Here we go again. We behave like a pack of baboons who always look to the zoo keeper to come dispense justice. This stup crow is threatening ICC to anyone who who creates violence.You old fools. the ICC is not fathers gang. Sought out your problems or give up abd retreat into you cave to suck your thumb. I get thoroughly infuriated at the spectacle of Africans queing up with their errant children at the ICC.. Get it into your thick baboon skulls that the ICC is a creation by necolonialists to contnue the control of idiotic Africans who have mettle at governance. We fight like ferrets in bag and the looser cries with fat lips, tennis-ball eyes, big arse and clasped hands to big whiteman at the ICC for justice. You cretins grow up! Solve your problems. Why do you always go to the white man for his solutions and they his solutions with a begging bowl for help? Are you so stupid that you cannot solveany social problems? I will suggest you all go to Mugabe abd learn how to live with your own solutions to your own problems. Every thing ends with a a threat of the ICC. Is it your fathers court? Would you ever see the day when a proper European is taken before the ICC? So, why are you so sure that the ICC is the embodiment of wise justice? You corrupt cretins treat your people well and there will be no need to threaten them with your “father’s court”, the ICC.

  • mimi