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Celebrity Couples: How They Plan To Spend Their Val’s Day


FEBRUARY 14 is St. Valentine day and some top Nollywood celebrities, particularly those categorised as ‘celebrity couples’ have confirmed plans to commemorate the day.

A few of them, who volunteered comments on the significance of the day, said they will take time off work to remind themselves of those ‘secrets’ that have kept them together as man and wife.

We asked a few of them what they think about St. Valentine and we also sought to know if they would vote to have the day declared as public holiday. Their responses? Read on…

judith-Audu-and-Husband-MortenJudith Audu
I AM particularly indifferent about it; it is not a particularly special day to me, as I believe sharing love, either with one’s partner or to the less privileged shouldn’t be set aside for a day, but all through the year and from the history what St. Valentine stands for, it isn’t really how we translate it these days.

But then, aside the heavy traffic that is usually associated with that day, I find it very interesting watching lovers and with so many people wearing red and white in different ways, plus the town and shops, all decorated red and white, which are usually beautiful.

Interestingly, I didn’t catch the buzz in my younger days, as I didn’t really understand what was suppose to happen on that day that couldn’t have happened any other day.

Also, I have never gone out of my way to commemorate the day. I tried to at some point, but it didn’t make any difference to me, as we buy gifts for each other when we can and always take time to go out to hang out and chill.

So, we do special things when we can, anytime. Our special days are our wedding anniversary and birthdays.Apparently, my husband didn’t know about Valentine day celebration until he came to Nigeria and was surprised that it is really big here.

So, on our first Valentine together, we did something special then, but the subsequent ones, because I don’t really even talk about it, it was an opportunity for him to also do same.Well, we plan to spend this year commemoration in a special way. We have a special getaway planned for the weekend.I don’t think it should be declared a public holiday, even though I know we love public holidays here in the country.

ibinabo-fiberesima-and-her--husband-uche-egbuka-wedding-fakeIbinabo Fiberisima-Egbuka
WELL, I am sorry to disappoint you. I don’t believe in it anymore. It doesn’t mean anything to me really.
I probably took it seriously when I was growing up, but not now anymore.
I grew up to know that it is the time when people should share love and not hate, when you exchange gifts with special people and basically show love to a loved one. But it has been abused by many people.
I also don’t think it should be something we should wait until every February 14 to express. We should love everyday.
I am just going to spend time with family on that day, even though Valentine is everyday for us.
No please! It should not be a public holiday. Why should there be public holiday? We have had too many public holidays.

Richard-and-Jumobi-Mofe--damijoRichard Mofe-Damijo
I DON’T bother so much about the historical perspective again, because of the conflicting stories. But we are all agreed that love and loving is the essence.
I absolutely subscribe to celebrating the day, because of too much wickedness and evil in the world. If mankind were motivated by love in all we do, the world would be a better place.
I usually celebrate it. I have had to cut all the holidays that fall within that period to be with my wife.
I recall on several occasions, I had flown like 16 hours plus to be with my wife, with flowers and all.
My wife has practically gone overboard too in celebrating Valentine with me. Most memorable is opening my office and seeing it transformed into a rose garden with gifts on the floor all over. It was awesome.
No! I won’t vote for it to be declared a holiday. But it is worth commemorating.
This Valentine is going to be about family for us. We are putting the children and others first, not us.

ejike-asiegbu-e1423825326520Ejike Asiegbu
VALENTINE day is a very special day. Usually, we send out gifts on this day as a token of love to our loved ones.
It is celebrated in many parts of the world, but not as public holiday. I think it is very good to commemorate the day.
I don’t think there is anything wrong if people commemorate the day and use it to show love to one another.
As for me, I do celebrate the day with my wife. I dedicate that special day for us to reaffirm our love to each other, even though we radiate love daily.
But there is something special about Valentine. I ensure that I get her a gift and when I am around, we must end the day with a candle light dinner.
Of course, madam knows about Valentine and she joins the celebration. But we are still undecided as to how to commemorate the day. We may end up making it a family outing.
I wouldn’t vote for it to be declared a public holiday, but it won’t be a bad idea to have it declared as a public holiday, because of consumer sales and revenue for the economy.

Emeka-Ossai--and-wife-JumaiEmeka Ossai
FOR me, Valentine is the expression of love, and the expression of love, which the Valentine’s Day connotes, is what I think should be an everyday practice by all. I think the world just needs reasons to celebrate.
I am not averse to people choosing to celebrate. It helps the soul and of course, my wife knows about the day and she always expects a gift.
For this year, we will just have fun with the kids.
As for declaring the day a public holiday, I think that is a joke and should be taken as such. We have enough holidays already. I will certainly vote against.

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