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Tears Of Pride (1)


“DAMN it!” Shile shouted, “my car has been bashed from behind! I’ll teach the driver of that car a hard and bitter lesson!” He opened the door of his metallic black RAV4 Toyota jeep, got down and walked to the rear.

“Take it easy, Shile,” his girlfriend begged, “don’t be too angry over this, please.”

In a jiffy, Shile was with the driver of the vehicle that hit the rear of his car.

“And what do you have to say for this?” he asked, gesticulating furiously.

“Em…em…I’m sorry sir…” the driver said, “I’ll repair the damage.”

“You’ll do what? My car…my very expensive car!” Shile roared again, dashed forward and landed a dirty slap on the man’s face.
The driver, a lanky, gaunt young man with tribal marks on his cheeks, fell down instantly. Shile began the assault and battery. He began to kick the frail-looking man who was helpless from all indications.

“Please, sir, don’t be annoyed….Please, I’ll repair your car…Please…” The hapless man continued with his tearful pleas but Shile was definitely in no mood to sympathize with him.

“Enough, Shile,” his girlfriend begged, “don’t kill the man, please, in the name of God!”
The man was writhing in pains as the boisterous and plump-looking Shile descended heavily on him.

The painful drama had attracted a lot of passersby in no long time. The helpless driver was now bleeding from his nose and mouth. When Shile realized the man was bleeding, he paused and staggered up, very happy and satisfied. Shile was a big, tall, handsome young man.
“That serves you right, you motherf..ker, next time you’d drive sensibly and carefully,” he grinned, turned and entered his car and zoomed off instantly.

Shile Adegbenro was the second born of Mr. Biodun Adegbenro. The first child, Leke Adegbenro, had an unassuming and quiet nature. He couldn’t hurt a fly. Shile was the direct opposite of his elder brother. He was overbearing and pompous to a fault. He was in his mid twenties and was very rich. He was into Internet scam. He used to swindle unsuspecting, innocent individuals living in America, Europe and other foreign countries. Victims of such Internet fraud were called Mugun. Mugun in Yoruba literally means a fool. Shile was so deft and skilled in Internet scams and he had made millions through the fraudulent business. Even at his young age he had a fleet of exotic cars parked in his garage. He lived like a king in a tastefully furnished duplex in highbrow Ikoyi. And he had chains of girlfriends all over the country. His bank accounts ran into millions of naira. He had about 10 mansions scattered all over Nigeria. His houses were of architectural masterpieces and showed the kind of opulence and wealth similar to that of drug barons in western climes. Apart from fat bank accounts in Nigeria, Shile had fantastic, plum bank accounts in America and Europe. He talked carelessly to people; he was very domineering and arrogant. He behaved like a demigod. When he walked, he had that uncommon swagger and gait like a sneering warlord or despot.

He hated religion with a passion, and never attended churches or mosques, and people wondered if he believed in God. Unknown to people, Shile worshipped Mammon, the god of money. He had no respect for anybody, not even elders, and could utter unprintable words at the slightest provocation.
Pray never to come across him when he was drunk, because he would surely spoil your day. His girlfriends were in different shapes, sizes and colours. He also worshipped Bacchus, the god of wine. He lusts after hard alcoholic drinks like brandy, rum and whisky. He could spend millions on a lady just to satisfy his sexual craving and anything in skirt excited and thrilled him.

On a Tuesday afternoon, Shile’s server was down and he needed to send some urgent mails. He visited a cyber café on the island. It was around 7p.m. and the young lady on duty was about closing for the day. An angry conversation ensued: “I told you I want to send some important mails and you said you are closing for the day. Who do you think you are and what gave you the effrontery to oppose my moves? You’re crazy for daring to talk to me like that,” Shile fumed.

“Mister, I didn’t abuse you. All I said was I’ve closed for the day. Why do you have to insult me?” the young lady protested.
“You’re a real fool to reply me. That’s gibberish talk! Do you know who I am? I can feed you and your family for 10 good years, you motherf..ker! Arrant nonsense! Balderdash! You’re a useless, good-for-nothing, poverty-stricken girl!”

The lady was visibly shaken and sweating. Those at the cyber café were shocked at Shile’s verbal attack on the young lady who was merely doing her duties. They were all surprised.

“But I’ve said nothing wrong to warrant all these insults on my person!” the lady said, she broke down in tears and wept.
“F..k you! I can buy you and your entire family! Who are you to tell me what to do?”
“Take it easy, Shile,” the friend that accompanied him said, “this girl hasn’t said anything bad to you…”
“Leave me alone! I’m tired of hearing cock and bull stories from you, Deinde. We are two different human beings. Nobody opposes what I want done. Period!” he retorted…

•To be concluded next week Saturday

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