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The Prison Of Love (1)


Love“WHAT am I going to do now?” Rita asked herself in heartbreaking soliloquy. “I’m pregnant again and I sincerely don’t know who is responsible for the pregnancy! Life is a bitch! I just can’t say precisely who is the father of the unborn child in my womb. I definitely won’t abort it. I know what to do.”

She paused, stood up and resolved in her mind to tell her mother, Mrs. Nwankwo, who had gone to the market for her trading business, the discovery. Rita was really worried.

When she discovered she was pregnant, she had gone to 12 different men dating her, but all of them denied impregnating her. Five out of them even wanted to beat her if she mentioned their names in the pregnancy saga again. One of them, Kunle, threatened to beat her to a state of coma if she involved him in the whole affair.

Rita dated men recklessly. She couldn’t count the number of men who slept with her on weekly basis. She was really lewd.

Actually, she was beautiful and enchanting. Tall, gazelle and light in complexion, she had very bright eyeballs and a carriage that could charm the strictest and rigid of men.

All the men swooned and rushed to taste her ‘forbidden apple.’ Her father, Mr. Nwankwo, had always warned her of her debauched and wayward lifestyle, but her mother would intervene and pamper her so much that she felt she was actually doing the right thing.

She was in her early 20s and a final year student of Central Polytechnic, Lagos. Rita would never tell a man ‘No’ when it involved matters of the heart. Her insatiable thirst for sex was disgusting.

Her mother always encouraged her simply because of the ‘gifts and goodies’ she always got from her daughter’s men friends. Men always ‘settle’ Mrs. Nwankwo whenever they met her, so she overlooked her daughter’s excesses and humiliating way of life. Rita’s parents weren’t rich at all, but Mr. Nwankwo had a humble background.

Before her mother came back from the market that day, Rita had made up her mind to pin the pregnancy on Emmanuel, one of her many boyfriends. Emmanuel was a very tall, handsome, gentle and hardworking young man from a rich home. His parents were really affluent and lived in the rich Ikeja, Lagos neighbourhood.

Emmanuel was an Accountant working with Leo International Bank and Trust Limited based in Victoria Island, Lagos. He was in his mid 20s and had been dating Rita for a couple of years, but it was purely a platonic relationship, with no strings attached.

When Mrs. Nwankwo arrived home that evening, Rita explained everything to her and sought her advice on how to pin the paternity of her yet unborn child on Emmanuel. Rita told her that all her boyfriends had denied the pregnancy, but she was sure that Emmanuel would fall for her trick.

“I have no other option,” Rita told her mother that evening, “but the fact is that he hasn’t made love to me since we began the relationship. What can I do mama, to hang this pregnancy on his neck?

“He is the right man for me, but sincerely, he hasn’t slept with me. He comes from a rich home and handsome too. All our dreams will come to reality if he accepts this pregnancy mama. Tell me what to do?” she paused and waited for an answer.

“Rita, Rita, Rita,” her mother replied, “that is no problem. Very early tomorrow morning, we will go and see ‘The Thunder Father’ at his shrine in the evil forest. I am very sure he will give us the love potion and charm you will use to make him (Emmanuel) accept the pregnancy, and pronto, we will all be rich. No cause for alarm my lovely daughter. Nothing ‘The Thunder Father’ cannot do!”

The following morning, as early as 6a.m. Rita and her mother were at the shrine of ‘The Thunder Father.’ They narrated the whole story to him and sought his help on the dicey issue.

The hard-looking, fiery and fat spiritualist stood up in readiness to consult his oracle.

To be concluded next week Saturday.

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