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Convert Your Talent To Money


Mobile_money-1WHILE many students are searching for what to do to earn money, some already have what it takes to make money, but do not know how to turn such into money-earning ventures. Many students are good at fixing electronic gadgets such as ipad, iphones, android smartphones, laptops and even digital cameras, but little do they know that they can use this talent to make money. They go on offering their services for free to fellow students and lecturers.

Many have expensive gadgets, but cannot operate them beyond sending and receiving calls and taking photographs. They hardly use them for complex operations like downloading and sending images. In fact, they lack the knowledge to do this. Worse off, they could hardly unlock such systems when the automatic lock comes up on its own, yet there are students who have been handling these problems for fellow students free of charge.

While I am not against rendering help to a friend or someone in need, I am simply saying one should use his/her talents to improve him/herself and earn some money. So, students that can do this should start thinking of monetizing their services.

Some students are gifted and can handle any gadget by merely studying the manuals and within hours would fix or unlock any machine. For such students, it is time to convert talent to money. There’s no other time than now.

The paperless world is real, as one can see that most transactions are beginning to be done via email, twitter, facebook and other media. This calls for more people, including students, who own any of the sophisticated phones to be able to operate them.

Besides owning any of these expensive gadgets, knowing where and how to repair them is very important. Don’t look at what it takes, open shop and put your talent to the test.

The good thing about this business is that it could be carried out in one’s hostel; also the tools for the job are cheap and available in the market.

Imagine the number of students that would storm your room when they know you can handle their phones or laptops and the money that would follow.

Apart from the repairs and unlocking of phones, think of what, the boys outside the school campuses charge for downloading music, apps, pictures and other items via the Internet, then you would know its time to start. You could do all these at a fee lower or higher, depending on the location of one’s school or its nearness to places where technicians are available.

Also your small workshop/ hostel could serve as a training ground for any student that wants to learn from you. The days of free meals are over, think of being an entrepreneur and start from the campus.

The world, including our tertiary institutions, is gradually going paperless and with this comes the various electronic gadgets that would help make the transition easy. This on one hand means there would be more people needed to fix the gadgets or teach others how to operate them.

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