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Jonathan confident of winning, but says not desperate to serve

A reader, Habib Dauda, said: ‘’The people of Nigeria will definitely return president GEJ, because of his unprecedented achievements for Nigeria. This is obvious, however, desperadoes should learn from the spirit of electioneering as displayed by president GEJ.’’

Mallam Lamido: ‘’We want a leader who understands the people, a leader who has what it takes to lead this country to the greatest history of achievement in Africa. ‘’

Ojebe: ‘’You are not desperate but you can visit South West more than 5 times in a month just because of election. Did you do that in 2011? ‘’

Alamiesigha: ‘’Trust me, you will soon know that this year election will be decided by Yorubas ‘’

Jay Speaks: ‘’Now this is what i call the spirit of sportsmanship, unlike GMB who sees it as a do or die affair.’’

Resilient: ‘’Thats the spirit sir… You have us behind you, he is not threatening anyone unlike GMB.’’

PDP, APC trade words over N5 billion donation by DISCOs to Jonathan campaign

A reader, Mallam Lamido, said: ‘’I honestly don’t see any reason why APC should be concerned about this issue. Several other organisations have raised money in this country for Buhari and there was peace in this country. I wonder why GEJ is the talk of the town. When man does well, he deserves to be appreciated and this is what DISCOs have decided to do.’’

Kech: ‘’Why will you, in all honesty not want to query the sources and appropriateness of your country’s presidential candidate be it PDP, APC or whatever party? When it is a government in power taking huge donations from contractors, why should it not worry you and if we are sincere with ourselves? Check out the sources of fund for Obama’s campaign, majority of his funds came from ordinary people in the street who donated less than $50. Who do you think will perform better-the president who collected small money freely given from ordinary people like you and I or the one that had huge monies donated by a few individuals or groups?’’

Odogwu: ‘’To say that a group that bought power companies but are giving Nigerians darkness had the effrontery to donate such a huge amount to the president and you are justifying it, is to say the least most treacherous!’’

Latoya Lube: ‘’How did Buhari get his money for his campaign? He openly said it was donations made by students that he used in buying his nomination form, is this not the worst crime against humanity to collect from people that don’t even have a source of livelihood?’’

Ochuko Grace: ‘’The opposition party is there to make the incumbent look ugly. APC is doing everything to win the electorate. March 28 will tell who played the political game well.’’

Resilient: ‘’Everybody has a means of raising money for a campaign. What is APC’s problem? they deemed it fit to make that donation.’’

Yoruba leaders meet in Lagos, Ibadan, insist on restructuring, unity, others
A reader, Zuberu says: ‘’Nigeria must move forward and GEJ is the answer.’’

Fagarjaji asks: ‘’Is the implementation of the conference recommendations an executive fiat? I am amazed at the knowledge of Nigerians. Recently, the National Assembly passed the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution, why in the world could the Presidency not prepare bills based on the conference recommendations (called executive bills). Can anyone order the implementation of the conference recommendations without the National and State assemblies approval. Is the president an emperor? Why was the National Assembly sidelined during the conference?’’

Dapo Shogbola: “It is common knowledge that Akinrinade, Oyinlola are working for and taking orders from Obasanjo who never wishes the Yoruba people well. We should ignore these soldiers, they can not be trusted.’’

Akeebaba: ‘’GEJ had four years to correct the marginalistion of Yorubas in his government between 2011 and 2014, despite the fact that Yorubas were at the forefront of the installation of his Presidency. I don’t trust GEJ for his promise of implementing resolution of National Conferences, He could have done that more than nine months ago.

Curseless: ‘’This people in Mimiko’s group must have been influenced by canvassing the idea that the North should allow Jonathan to do his second term at the expense of Nigerians. The Yoruba people say “ to ba fun were ni aso nise ni o ma logbo” meaning, if you surrender a clothe to a mad person you can be sure it will be turned to a rag. Jonathan is a good man but not fit for the job.‘’

Yomi Ade: ‘’Do not allow the implementation of national conference be the determining factor in choosing the next president.’’

Oba Tope’e: ‘’If you that didn’t attend the national conference would confidently say it has no substance for Yoruba, it shows you are not honest with yourself. If you lived through the 1960s to the present, you will understand what Hausa-Fulani domination means.’’

Richardson: “It would have been more interesting had Obasanjo attended any of the meetings because he was President for eight years. Anyway, the Ibadan meeting tended to overemphasize the Youruba nation almost to a stage of not recognising the other groups that make up Nigeria.’’

At last, Keshi accepts NFF’s contract

A reader, Domnze, said: ‘’It is surprising how Nigerian journalists and their employers report events. In this type of report what your readers want to see are: How much is this contract and for how long? who are those working with the head coach and are there conditions attached to the contract such as performance?’’

Onasodocha Domnze: ‘’I agree with you completely. Our reportage is never incisive just as it is not investigative. When they told us Keshi referred to his earlier offer as a slave wage none of them bordered to find out how slavish it was. Now that he has accepted this new offer, Nigerians should be made to know what is in this package that is going to make Keshi smile and do a great job. We enjoy hoarding information even when it is made available to us for dissemination. We still have a long way to go!’’

Jumpingbrook Jim: ‘’Keshi should be supported, we Nigerians always condemn our own. The same thing happened to the Nigerian Army, they were ill equipped and we expected miracle from them, see now that they have sophisticated armory, the game has changed. So please encourage Keshi.’’

Jim: ‘’Oh my God! Keshi Again?’’

Onyiah D. C. : ‘’A step in the wrong direction. Very painful.’’

‘895,000 UTME candidates already have their results’

Folorunsho Ayoola says: JAMB has now turned to something else. I almost fainted.‘’ Gabriel: ‘’Let us first of all commend the body even for the little success recorded so far, since beginnings are always rough. Even as we look forward to a better outing, at least it is a step forward for now.’’

Okariauke: ’’ JAMB issued one registration number to multiple candidates. Can JAMB make a statement regarding this discrepancy?’’

Ogunyejo Afeez: ‘’Where are we going in Nigeria? exam every year, convocation every year but no vacancies. Private universities, public universities, polytechnics, colleges of education have turned to business organization.’’

Seyi: Some of the centers do not have good facilities, you can imagine one person supervising 250 students, computers log out. Some people were crying because of system failure and insensitive supervisor, complaining about stress instead of helping out.’’

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