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U.S. pledges more equipment, others for anti-B’Haram war




FROM the United States (U.S) government has come a pledge of further support for the multinational force combating Boko Haram insurgency in Nigeria and the neighbouring countries.

According to the spokesperson for the U.S Department of State, Jen Psaki, the support which will come in the coming weeks, will take the form of equipment provision, advice, intelligence, training and logistics.

Psaki who pledged the support on behalf of the U.S government during interactive session with journalists recently said his home government has been providing general support to the forces to counter activities of the terrorists group and will consider additional support in the coming weeks.

“We are aware of reports that Chadian and Nigerien troops are taking action against Boko Haram in northeastern Nigeria, as are Nigerian forces. We welcome the coordinated efforts by the defence and security forces of the region to protect civilians from Boko Haram.
“We are providing general support for the counter-Boko Haram effort, including equipment, training, and intelligence. We’ll consider additional equipment, training, advisory, and logistics support in the weeks ahead, and that’s something that has been ongoing in terms of our support for the counter-Boko Haram efforts for some time now,” he said.

On the recent declaration of allegiance to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) by Boko Haram, Psaki, who dismissed the declaration as nothing different from previous ones, however, said that his country would study the validity of the report, and would continue to study the situation closely. “We’re undertaking to assess the validity of these reports. Regardless of what links may or may not exist, Boko Haram remains a tremendous threat to the stability of the region and the safety of civilians. I think it’s important to also note that Boko Haram has previously pledged allegiance to both AQIM and al-Qaida core in the past, but those pledges were assessed to be pledges of solidarity rather than any indication that its leadership plan to take orders from or allow these groups to usurp control”.

“In fact, we observed minimal operational cooperation among the groups in that particular case. So I just thought that was relevant information in terms of what’s happened in the past. Obviously, we’ll look into this, but we’ve also seen similar claims that are more designed for propaganda purposes than operational engagement. But we’ll, of course, assess the validity. We’ll assess what it means. We continue to watch closely, and obviously, we take any of this seriously.

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  • Olakante

    The caption of this article said it all. The real name of this group is B’uHariam.

  • Fairgame

    Looks like the US are finally realizing that AKPD hired by evil APC has sold them lies. And that evil APC has lost the election so this about face. Anyway it is good to see the shift in policy.

  • Ify Onabu

    America’s offer of ‘help’ comes too late in the day. Nigeria must not forget ‘friends’ who abandoned her in her hour of need. Time to reassess the fundamentals of our foreign policy. It’s no use having friends who cannot support you in times of national emergency.

  • akeebaba