10 Best African Music Albums That Are Still Topping Chart From 2020 to 2023

Every music genre has its share of iconic albums that are cherished and seared into fans' minds. With African music, there have been a lot of great African albums in recent years that still top the charts all over Africa. These albums usually hold a special place in the hearts of fans, many of whom look back in awe at what African music has achieved since the genre's inception.
Burna Boy | Photo: Bellanaija

Every music genre has its share of iconic albums that are cherished and seared into fans’ minds. With African music, there have been a lot of great African albums in recent years that still top the charts all over Africa. These albums usually hold a special place in the hearts of fans, many of whom look back in awe at what African music has achieved since the genre’s inception.


There are remarkable examples of iconic albums that are still topping the charts in Africa to this day. These albums have withstood the test of time, and millions continue to listen to them religiously regardless of how many years have passed since their release.

One of the essential characteristics of an iconic album is that it has somehow paved the way for future artists to succeed. Many genres have a final period that defines an era, and African music is no different. Although some genres fade into obscurity, African music still stands the test of time and is here to stay.

In recent years, there have been many great African albums that have won so many awards and sold millions of copies. The albums are still winning fans’ hearts today, proving they are worthy of all the praise they have been given.

To this effect, we look at the ten best African music albums still topping the charts in the years to come. These albums hold a special place in the hearts of fans, and each one has set a precedent for future artists to succeed. Put on any of these albums, and you’ll find yourself transported back to a previous era when it was released. The music is still relevant today and will continue to be so. The albums are not only iconic, but they also hold a special place in the hearts of millions.

List of Best African Music Albums That Are Still Topping The Charts in 2020 To 2023

Burna Boy

1. African Giant – Burna Boy

African Giant is a great album, and it’s quite chill to listen to. It takes you back to the days when summer was all about chilling out and relaxing. Burna Boy’s voice is just amazing, and everything on here is excellent and will make you want to chill around the house on a hot day with your friends listening to this album.

The songs are perfect for any party situation as they bring up the vibe of what happens during summer parties. Every feature here does a great job and adds something different to each song. Everything on here is fantastic, and the best part is that this is just the first full-length studio project that Burna Boy has put out.

Burna Boy’s beautiful voice shines on every song. He has an excellent command of his vocals, and they come across as they should. His vocal performance on African Giant is impressive, especially regarding his growling vocals mixed with his soulful crooning, which he does very well. He has a great sound with just enough instruments to make everything sound good.

This isn’t your average Afropop album. However, Burna Boy mixes something different into the mix with many trap beats and raps. This is a great way to highlight his versatility without making it sound like he is trying to crossover. Everything about this album is fantastic and still loved by many.


Kizz Daniel

2. New Era – Kizz Daniel

New Era is his debut album, and it’s full of great songs. Every song on this album has an outstanding production that makes it sound perfect. This album is one of the best African albums still winning people’s hearts. Everything here is unique, from the production to his vocals; it’s just perfection. Every song on this album stands out individually, making it a great album.

Kiss Daniel’s hunger for music is shown just how much of an artist he is. The way he raps and sings are high quality and portray his talent as a singer and rapper. He has excellent vocals that go well with his rapping, making the songs sound amazing. Each artist has a different role and purpose, and that’s what makes this album so unique.

It’s a beautiful album from Kiss Daniel, showcasing his talent as an artist in many ways.


3. Made in Lagos: Deluxe Edition – Wizkid

Wizkid is a multi-talented musician, and this album is one of the testimonies that he’s undeniably gifted in music. The album was released in late 2020, and up till now, in 2023, it is still winning the hearts of millions of fans. The album is also one of the fantastic albums made by Wizkid that has brought him to this level of success and fame.

The fact that there are no fillers on this album makes it even more special, with every song having a different message and profound meaning. It is not only an album to listen to when needing a party or relaxation; it is so much more than that. The messages in all the songs on the album are just so touching and moving. The album is just incredible!

With songs like “Smile” in collabo with H.E.R., “Essence” ft Tems and “Ginger” ft Burna Boy, the album is like a rollercoaster of feelings, emotions, and messages. This album has all the qualities of a perfect album: it is filled with tunes that are great to listen to and tell stories, it is not too predictable and therefore not dull, and most importantly, it is an essential album that talks about issues African artists like Wizkid care about.

This album has music everyone can enjoy, whether you are a die-hard fan of Wizkid or an ordinary listener. It is one of the decade’s greatest albums, and I can’t wait to see what else he has in store for us next.

Burna Boy

4. Love, Damini – Burna Boy

Burna Boy’s fourth solo album, Love, Damini, was released on September 27th, 2023. It is an Afro-fusion album with elements of R&B and dancehall. This album is a fantastic body of work and shows the musician’s growth as an artist. Many people may not know who Burna is, but if you listen to this album, you will understand why he has earned his spot in the music industry. It also shows what he can do outside of Afrobeats and R&B. It is an album that will leave you breathless with every single track.

Love, Damini demonstrates Burna’s deepest emotions and the journey from the heartbreak of his first album to the love and happiness he experiences with Damini on his second album. The lyrics are very moving, and the beats that are used make this album a must for anyone who likes R&B, Afrobeats, or Afrofusion music.

The album has all the qualities of an incredible album, and it’s also one of the best Afrobeat albums still being streamed on multiple platforms today. The album is an excellent example of how an artist should be and reflects the growth in his musical career.

It was a great hit when it dropped in 2022 and is still strong today. Its tracks like “Kilometre,” “Jare,” “Science,” “Vanilla,” and “Last Last” are very hard-hitting and powerful songs, and the album is loaded with great and addictive melodies that you can’t get enough of. This album is an excellent example of how Burna Boy’s music continues to grow as an artist.

Overall, Love, Damini is an excellent album from Burna Boy, and it’s simply awesome.


5. Burna Boy – Twice As Tall Review

‘Twice As Tall ‘has been one of the influential albums for one of Africa’s biggest stars, Burna Boy, and those who have kept up with his career since it started can attest to that. The release of this album is the manifestation of all his hard work, sweat, and tears.

Burna Boy has described this album as a ‘giant’ piece of work, and it’s difficult to disagree with him. The body of work oozes with confidence, powerful melodies, and great wordplay with the presence of Youssou N’Dour, P.Diddy, Chris Martin, Stormzy, and some cameo from others.

According to Burna Boy, this album is the one that will take him globally and also has worked, as he has already been nominated in various categories at the Grammys this year.

One of the album’s tracks, ‘Level Up’ featuring Youssou N’Dour, is a song with a message intended to motivate people and give them the confidence they need. It’s a beautiful song with a powerful message, and Youssou N’Dour’s voice makes it even more captivating.

Other tracks include ‘Monster You Made,’ ‘Way Too Big,’ ‘Alarm Clock,’ the catchy ’23’, ‘Wetin Dey Sup,’ ‘Wonderful,’ and other songs still winning the hearts of fans today.

Fireboy DML

6. Fireboy D.M.L. – Laughter, Tears & Goosebumps

Laughter, Tears & Goosebumps is Fireboy D.M.L.’s blend of afro beats, afro-pop, and pop-soul. LTG is mostly about love, romance, loss, and heartbreak. It demonstrates the purest form of raw emotion as Fireboy reflects on his previous relationships. He is a very talented singer/songwriter and lyricist who has spent years perfecting his craft before putting out an official body of work, a mix of crescendo, passionate lyrics, and soulful music.

This album captures the essence of what Fireboy D.M.L. is in a very concentrated form. He has the voice of an angel, and this album works because he isn’t afraid to bare his soul through his songs. The mixture of love and heartbreak makes this an album you must listen to at least once.

People looking for albums with relatable love songs and pure emotion need to listen to this album. This is what makes a good R&B album, which is precisely why we recommend you give it a listen. Laughter, Tears & Goosebumps is an album that will always leave you with a smile and make you think deeply about love and relationships.

Omah Lay

7. Omah Lay – Get Layd – EP

Omah Lay is an artist that has a perfect body of work. He shows lyrical prowess and the energy to match the beats he drops. On “Get Layd,” Omah lays out a very ambitious project with some fantastic tunes, including “Lo Lo” and “Bad Influence.” It was released in 2020, but it still sounds like it belongs on a current playlist.

Coming up in the Nigerian music industry is tough, but Omah Lay has everything it takes to succeed. His energy in his songs and his knack for coming up with unforgettable hooks contributed to his growth in the Nigerian music scene.

This E.P. is appealing and has some lyrical content, and he did just that. With songs like “Tell your friends,” “Damn,” and even “Ye Ye Ye,” Omah Lay shows he is not scared to go against the grain to deliver his message. The title, “Get Layd,” fits Omah Lay like a glove, but perhaps the most important thing is that this E.P. has some truth-telling and is not just a song about what he doesn’t want but rather what he does want.

On the EP, Omah lays out some bitter tones that you want to allow your life to be clean in. Omah Lay has shown he’s more than just a talented singer, he’s a gifted lyricist with a unique sound and style of music.


8. Asake – Mr. Money With The Vibe

Mr. Money is a man that has so much to offer besides the image of the street; his music is undoubtedly free-flowing, producing a tremendous amount of versatility through song themes and gripping percussion. What he stands for is mainly based on one core thing: the love for music. In “Mr. Money With The Vibe,” the Nigerian wordsmith says precisely what he wants to say; he’s not a crooner but an all-rounder that can write about anything, from emotions to stories or even just talking plainly about money and women.

The album contains tales of love, struggle, and other issues that make up the life of an average young person in society today, and the album explores how one is used to handling the world and other people’s environment.

Asake is an artist with some very memorable songs that were hit, especially “Organize” and “Sunmomi,” which are very catchy and different. Asake is a performer that brings more than just lyrical talent to the table, he adds a unique vibe to the songs that makes them more exciting and fun to listen to.

As you listen to his music, you can tell that Mr. Money is an album that defines creativity and sets a standard for new acts. It is an album that defines the ever-changing music industry in Nigeria and the hustle of the Nigerian music industry.

9. Rema – Rave & Roses

Rema’s “Rave & Roses” is an album that is not just jam-packed with great songs and a wide variety of sounds. It is an album that defines creativity and sets a standard for new acts to come. It defines the ever-changing music industry in Nigeria and the hustle of the Nigerian music industry.

What the album is about is what it means, “Rave & Roses” has a meaning behind all of its songs. In this album, you have songs that represent different emotions and some songs that represent different situations in different people’s lives. You can relate to every song in this album, but how they are made makes it stand out.

Songs like “Addicted” and “Calm Down” are still being played today even though the song was released last year, which shows that these songs are classics. Every song on “Rave & Roses” is meant for everyone to enjoy, not just a particular group of people but everyone in general.

Rema is a star in Nigeria, and his album has the power to move different people at different times. This album is a classic, it’s still with us today, and Rema’s fans are still enjoying this masterpiece.

As you listen to Rema’s work, you can tell that “Rave & Roses” is an album that defines creativity and sets a standard for new acts. It is an album that defines the ever-changing music industry and the hustle of the Nigerian music industry.


Master KG | Image: New Frame/Open Source Productions

10. Jerusalema – Master KG ft Nomcebo

Jerusalem is a song by the South African artist Master KG. The song was released in January 2020 on the same title album (Jerusalem), and it has since become one of the hottest songs in Africa and beyond.

The hit track of the album, Jerusalem, which went on to be a success, is an upbeat gospel-influenced song with a good mix of African elements which is still credited for inspiring people with its lyrics, so much so that when it generated half a billion views on Youtube and went viral on social media with the #JerusalemaChallenge and Burna boy featuring in it which then pushed the song to the U.S. Billboard charts.

What makes this song a success is the style and tone in which it was sung by Master KG featuring Nomcebo. The song has the nuances of African traditional music with a hint of modernized R&B delivery and phenomenal trio vocals. The song is also very inspiring in its lyrics.

This is among the best songs from South Africa, and as of now, it can keep most African music lovers dancing along.


These music albums have stood the test of time; they have conquered critics, been constantly in rotation, and have left a mark on African music lovers. These are ten albums by African artists who can be considered icons in their respective genres of music.

These are not only ten classic albums but also ten albums that stand the test of time and can be considered absolute classics, and some of them have even left a mark on the music industry in Africa, including the U.S. Billboard charts.

These albums will probably continue to top the African music charts for another four years; there’s no doubt that some of these artists have much more in store for us, they are still churning out excellent records, and they have been very active in the industry making songs and on a continuous tour.

The list of best albums from these ten artists is by no means exhaustive, but all ten albums deserve a spot on any best African music list. Though there has been a steady flow of new music releases in the past few years, there has also been a lot of good comeback music by some talented musicians. So we can’t wait to see what Africa will bring us in the next few years.

The best African music albums are, without a doubt, timeless; they will remain relevant and keep your feet tapping even after several years.


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