7 Popular Pregnancy Myths

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Pregnancy can be both exciting and stressful. There are several unproven opinions about pregnancy.
These myths often cause misunderstandings.
Here are some of the popular myths about pregnancy:

You will have weird cravings
Cravings are very common in pregnancy. But it is not all women who have weird cravings during pregnancy. According to the source, cravings in pregnancy are usually as a result of hormones and sharp dips in blood sugar level. Craving inedible things, otherwise known as pica, isn’t safe and can be as a result of severe anemia.

You have to eat for two
While the pregnant woman might be carrying another life within her, it doesn’t imply that she eats for two. Overeating can cause obesity in mothers and their unborn children.

Morning sickness only happens in the morning 
Pregnancy sickness, popularly known as morning sickness, is common in the morning. But many pregnant women experience it at other times of the day, and sometimes throughout the day.

You can’t get pregnant when you are on your period 
There’s a popular opinion out there, that you can’t get pregnant when you’re on your menstrual cycle. According to American Pregnancy Association, the chances of getting pregnant while on your period is low. But there are exceptions so it would be wrong to outrightly say women can’t get pregnant when on their period.

Sex can harm the pregnancy 
The penis cannot penetrate beyond the vagina. So, except advised otherwise by your doctor, there’s no problem having sex while pregnant.
Please note that sex or orgasm sometimes causes contractions.

You will deliver on your due date 
Doctors can only give estimated due dates. Babies can be born days before or after the estimated due date. Usually, the estimated due dates are given to help pregnant women prepare.

Bleeding in first trimester is miscarriage 
According to NHS, bleeding is not uncommon in the early weeks of a pregnancy. In fact, small blood drops are common especially when menstrual period should have been due.


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