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In the News:
Despite improved confidence in the economy as shown in the latest Manufacturers Confidence Index (MCCI) by local manufacturers, demand for foreign exchange (forex) on the back of outstanding obligations has risen to about $2 billion ...
3 hours ago  Nigeria
The die is cast. The official remittance market is in a battle for survival on all fronts. First, its old foe – the informal channels – is not relenting. And peer-to-peer (P2P) transfer is rearing its ugly head in readiness
3 hours ago  Business News
Following persisting unfavourable policies and a full-blown foreign exchange rate crisis that has brought Nigeria’s economy to a halt, property developers and experts have warned that real estate sector ...
3 hours ago  Real Estate
There was a resurgence of violence in the Southeast yesterday, after weeks of respite in killings and attacks on government and security facilities.
3 hours ago  Nigeria
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Sunday played down the diplomatic rift with Paris over a new security pact with Australia and the US, saying his country's "love of France is ineradicable".
4 hours ago  World