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28 Nov 2021
Honduras is bracing itself for potential violence as more than five million people vote on Sunday to replace President Juan Orlando Hernandez, a controversial figure accused of drug trafficking in the United States.
18 Nov 2021
Chile's President Sebastian Pinera modernized the political right to distance it from the Augusto Pinochet dictatorship, but a social crisis that broke out in 2019 will see him leave power with his popularity in tatters.
30 Oct 2021
Hundreds of protesters rallied in Cyprus on Saturday against corruption scandals swirling around the government after the Cypriot president was mentioned in the Pandora Papers.
28 Oct 2021
The University of Nigeria with campuses at Nsukka and Enugu boasts of many firsts. Of course it remains the first indigenous citadel of learning in the country established sans affiliation to any foreign institution whatsoever.
24 Oct 2021
How persons facing prosecution for alleged sleaze, pillaging of the country’s resources, or embezzlement of funds are granted red carpet receptions, or offered appointments once they switch allegiance to the ruling All Progressives Congress...
Peter Obi
20 Oct 2021
The release of the much-talked about and controversial Pandora Papers is akin to throwing stone in a market place, which could fall on an innocent person.
16 Oct 2021
This Saturday, we will depart from our usual conversation; I want to talk about everything and nothing. I want us to discuss beautiful untrue things; let’s make a load of fuss over nothing
14 Oct 2021
US President Joe Biden is slated to meet Thursday with his Kenyan counterpart Uhuru Kenyatta, the first African leader invited to the White House under the current administration.
13 Oct 2021
Chile's opposition on Wednesday moved to impeach the country's president, Sebastian Pinera, for the controversial sale of a mining company through a firm owned by his children, which appeared in the Pandora Papers leaks, a congressman said.  Pinera used "his office for personal business" said congressman Tomas Hirsch when presenting the accusation in the lower…