Thursday, 7th July 2022
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2 Jul
The entrepreneur and author, who is passionate about taking up challenges, used the adventure to create awareness of polio in Africa and to raise funds to fight against the disease.
12 Jun
Albinism, caused by a lack of melanin, the pigment that colours skin, hair and eyes, is a genetic anomaly that concerns hundreds of thousands of people across the globe, particularly in Africa.
1 May
What do viewers get when the incredible acting talents of Nancy Isime and Ini Dima-Okojie are featured in a film or series? Simple; a blockbuster that will live rent-free in the minds of viewers. Netflix, in partnership with EbonyLife Production, remains at the frontline in telling authentic African stories. The latest addition to its endless…
21 Apr
Scientists have validated more natural ‘cures’ for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus type 2 (SARS-CoV-2) that causes COVID-19. In recent researches, scientists found cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and cabbages, algae metabolites and natural metabolites inhibit the virus.
16 Feb
The month of February greeted us not only with a decrease in fuel supply but a significant rise in the heat level of the country. It’s almost like our “village people” are out to get us, or the sun is having its revenge for the harm we cause to the environment. The possibility of heat…
17 Jan
The harmattan season which occurs between late November until February or early March is characterised by dry and dusty wind. It generally affects our skin in various ways such as dryness of the skin, chapped lips, an increase in the trigger of asthma, problems with the respiratory system among others. It is important to be…
9 Jan
As the weather becomes hot and dry due to the heat and harmattan that has resurfaced across the country, health experts have advised Nigerians to drink plenty of water or fluids to stay cool and hydrated.
18 Dec 2021
Harmattan is a cool dry wind that blows from the northeast or east in the western Sahara and is strongest from late November to mid-March. Harmattan may be taking it’s time this year, which gives us ample opportunity...
28 Aug 2021
Keeping clean as a form of personal hygiene is the most important reason to care for the body. Everyone needs to keep clean, especially children.