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18 Dec 2021
Harmattan is a cool dry wind that blows from the northeast or east in the western Sahara and is strongest from late November to mid-March. Harmattan may be taking it’s time this year, which gives us ample opportunity...
28 Aug 2021
Keeping clean as a form of personal hygiene is the most important reason to care for the body. Everyone needs to keep clean, especially children.
25 Jul 2021
Whenever we check our social media, on the road and we always see the skin of women. We are also shown the advertisement of products that makes our skin glow but when we check the price, we take a step back. Imagine coming across a product that is more than you can originally afford; it…
13 Jun 2021
Supermodels say that the recipe for flawless healthy skin is peace of mind and 7 litres of water per day. But we both know that’s a lie. You can’t just wish those unclogged pores away; you have to fight them. That’s where chemical peels come in. As opposed to physical peels and exfoliators, chemical peels…
13 Jun 2021
People with albinism are just like anyone else, with the same lifespan and ability to reach their goals. Watching Onome Okagbare-Majoro and Ameen Olatunji Yusuf better known as Teejay Ameen, two persons living with albinism as they prepare for their shoot with The Guardian Life, it is easy to tell that they are not as…
12 Jun 2021
Patience Bamidele Amaebite (The Springboard), Kalanne Ebiye-Koripamo (Kayge Cosmetics), Ifeoma Egbuonu (CEO, Homey Thrills & GCAP) and Tareela Okene (Dripples Cakes) are young
9 May 2021
If you’re trying to achieve a warm, nude makeup look that makes you look cute and playful, fake freckles are just the thing! Unlike concealing and highlights, applying fake freckles requires little precision. The more scattered they are, the prettier and more natural-looking. Freckles have become a trend nowadays, possibly because people want to look…
2 May 2021
Air travel is the fastest way to get around, especially if you’re going great distances. However, the effects of air travel can wreak havoc on your skin. If you are a frequent flyer who travels around the globe, you may have experienced dehydration after a flight, you might have even noticed your hands and feet…
17 Apr 2021
Who doesn’t want to stay young? All of us! We look forward to staying youthful and vibrant at all times and be ready to flaunt our best self whenever we take a selfie.