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4 Apr 2021
Glycolic acid, an organic, carbon-containing molecule typically derived from sugar cane, is an Alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA). Other AHA family members include malic acid, tartaric acid, citric acid, and lactic acid. Glycolic acid is a small water-soluble molecule. When put on the skin, it acts as a humectant and can penetrate readily to revitalize dull and…
21 Mar 2021
Menopause often comes with a plethora of symptoms, including skin changes like hot flashes, dryness, itching, rashes, and acne. Menopausal acne develops in women for mostly the same reasons that teenage acne does. Any change or imbalance in hormonal levels affects our skin’s natural defences, triggering acne, and there is no bigger time of hormonal…
9 Mar 2021
“OKRO FOR SUNBURN, WRINKLES AND GLOW TO YOUR FACE,” reads a message shared on Facebook in Nigeria. “Do you have sunburn, wrinkles and a rough face? OKRO can fix it for you. All you need is just Okro and Rose Water.” It describes how to prepare and take the mixture, ending with: “This mask will remove sunburn, wrinkles,…
7 Mar 2021
As the sweltering weather persists, leaving the body parched during the day and sweaty at night, Nigerians have been advised to consume lots of cool water or fluids, but avoid caffeine and alcohol.
7 Mar 2021
Vitiligo is a condition, whereby the skin loses its pigment-producing cells, melanocytes. This can result in discoloured patches developing in different areas of the body
5 Mar 2021
A public health physician, Dr Olisaeloka Lotenna, has advised residents to drink lots of water and ensure adequate ventilation at home
28 Feb 2021
With the Harmattan season somehow finding its way into February, people with dry skin must be finding it hard. Also known as Xeroderma, dry skin is a common skin type caused by the absence of enough water (moisture) in the skin’s upper layer (epidermis). Dry skin can be genetic and also caused by environmental factors…
2 Jan 2021
Dark armpits are a common problem and can be fixed with easily-available ingredients in your homes. It might be uncomfortable wearing armless or raising your hands in public because of the dark spots. Here are five home remedies you can try this week to have smooth underarms: Potato Potato is also a great natural bleach…
27 Dec 2020
In retrospect, the end of a year and another decade is fast running to an end which for most of us calls for sober reflection. Sober reflection takes different forms and in this case, we would be considering beauty mistakes and trends that should “pass away” with this decade never to be seen again. Like…