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11 Jun
My career journey began in banking from the contact centre and quickly accelerated to an executive role. My journey has been underpinned by education; education has been, for me, the key to the world.
29 Dec 2018
“Hello this is your pilot speaking, welcome aboard Flight SA60 to…” Those may just be the sweetest words spoken in the English language. Perhaps it’s my love of travelling, the exhilarating feeling of seeing an unknown city’s lights twinkle beneath you before landing. Or it’s the random intense conversation with the passenger besides you as…
1 Sep 2018
When we first meet people we ordinarily shake their hands, look into their eyes, smile warmly and politely introduce ourselves.
25 Aug 2018
The study of nature has long fascinated me; it seems to be a living analogy of how we can live our lives better. This remains true when comparing our workplaces to a colony of bees. A colony is centred on the queen bee and the bees that serve her. This concept is similar to a…
18 Aug 2018
The world of work has evolved rapidly in the past century having faced several revolutions. The first industrial revolution began in the 18th century, it resulted in mechanisation, enabling access to energy produced by steam engines.
11 Aug 2018
In the realm of accelerating your career growth there are three people every woman needs to succeed in her career, namely, a mentor, a sponsor and a coach.The role of a mentor in all spheres of life cannot be underplayed.  A mentor plays a critical role of being a trusted advisor to their mentee.
28 Jul 2018
“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there,” according to Lewis Carrol. There is great wisdom in that saying and as I look at many of us getting bogged down with the humdrum of daily life, we often are on a road with no known destination. We are going…