Wednesday, 6th July 2022
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3 days ago
Those of us who believe and teach about prosperity hardly strike a balance between riches and greed, which is what the parable of the rich fool
26 Jun
It is hardly surprising that the priorities and values that drive the world differ from that of God. What men esteem, and what they gloat over, hardly count in God’s value chain.
12 Jun
One of the greatest impediments in life is fear. There is the fear of the unknown and the fear of failure. Fear limits progress and advancement. The other impediment is the lack of confidence
29 May
In our last series, we did say that Paul in 2 Corinthians 4:6 revealed that the knowledge of the glory of God is in the face of Jesus.
1 May
The subject of the glory of God is always fascinating to Christians, especially those that are hungry for divine power.
27 Mar
The Bible says a lot about what spiritual strength is and why it is necessary. It talked about the source and how to renew and retain it. We are three months into the New Year
6 Mar
Satan would do everything to numb our thirst for God. At times, he tries to give the Christian a false sense of satisfaction. These are the days of artificiality and imitations
20 Feb
There is a saying that, “the sky is your limit,” but I’d rather say, “you can go beyond the sky.” Those who thirst after God can go beyond the sky! It is not for nothing the Bible ends on this note: “Let the one who is thirsty come...
13 Feb
Whilst self-reliance has its advantages, it also has its dangers, especially when it comes to one’s relationship with God. Man was not created to live completely