Monday, 6th December 2021
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4 days ago
India's polluted capital again ordered schools closed on Thursday over dangerous smog levels, as the country's top court demanded officials take action to address the toxic haze.
29 Nov
“This food is tasteless. There is no salt in this soup. How can you cook without salt? Please come and take away this food,” Mr. Obiwenite Okongwu blurted out to his wife Chizoba.
27 Nov
Many Nigerians die as a result of eating the wrong foods, the Managing Director of Dessoi Flour (DF), Paulin Adjagbodjou, has said. Speaking during the unveiling of its no additives chemicals life-saving Dessoi Flour in Ikeja..
26 Nov
A consequence of global warming is the greater frequency and intensity of extreme heat events. This extreme heat is associated with a greater risk of adverse cardiovascular incidents
25 Nov
More researches have found that consuming lots of red or processed meat may raise chance of a stroke — but regularly cooking with olive oil lowers the risk.
24 Nov
India's polluted capital will reopen schools on Monday, one week after it announced a partial shutdown over dangerous air pollution levels, authorities said Wednesday.
24 Nov
Rehab Center is a facility that is devoted to treating different types of disease. Many types of Rehab clinics offer various environments, treating methods and stages of care..
22 Nov
Most Nigerians and households in the North-West have switched their preference from imported rice to locally grown one, sequel to their discovery of nutritious and health components of the latter.
20 Nov
Diabetes is one of the most prevalent chronic diseases in children and globally represents a public health challenge.