Sunday, 28th May 2023

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14 May
Recently, stakeholders in the art industry paid homage to the late Oladejo Victor Akinlolu (Dejak).
9 May
President Muhammadu Buhari has recognised the Supreme Court verdict on the July 16, 2022 governorship election in Osun as well the important role of the judiciary in deepening democracy and rule of law.
5 May
Guatemalan authorities evacuated more than 1,000 people and closed a road as Central America's most active volcano erupted Thursday, spewing thick clouds of ash over farms and towns not far from the capital city.
5 May
Download logoThe Department of Economic Development and Tourism (DEDAT) is excited to announce the launch of the first ever Growth for Jobs Tourism Challenge Fund, and requests organisations implementing tourism development projects or programmes in the categories of Tourism Infrastructure Support and Tourism Product Development Support to apply for project funding. Minister of Finance and…
30 Apr
Rescuers were searching for four people Sunday after a boat carrying more than a dozen scuba divers sank at a World Heritage-listed marine sanctuary in the Philippines, authorities said.
24 Apr
Precisely on Tuesday 11th 2023, the unthinkable happened in Great Ife, as a student was mobbed, beaten up and killed with bare hands, by his fellow students. Their banal excuse was that he allegedly stole a mobile phone.
3 Apr
Africa boasts a plethora of fantastic destinations, each with its own distinct amalgamation of culture, natural magnificence, and historical significance. Not everyone is privileged to make such luxurious trips and life-changing experiences, but if you are that person lucky enough, then go forth and see life in reality. Below are my top seven recommendations for…
30 Mar
Located within a short distance from the famous Aswan Dam, the Temple of Philae, on the islet of Aguilkya, immerses visitors in the history of ancient Egypt. Dedicated to the protective goddess Isis, its bas-reliefs and murals make it an exquisite sanctuary in the country. Aboard his small motorboat, Ahmed Yehia sails serenely towards this…
18 Mar
Leaders and members of Christ Apostolic Church, Oke Igbagbo, located at the Obafemi Awolowo Railway Station, Akinyemi Council, Oyo State