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13 May 2015
The Islamic State jihadist group has seized large parts of a strategically located town in central Syria's Homs province in clashes that killed 48 soldiers and militants, a monitor said Wednesday. On the Lebanese-Syrian border, meanwhile, Syrian troops and fighters from Lebanon's Shiite movement Hezbollah captured the highest point in the Qalamun region, a Syrian…
13 May 2015
UN and Arab officials began a two-day conference on Wednesday to seek ways to combat the "unprecedented" destruction of heritage sites by jihadist groups in the Middle East. The Cairo conference comes amid an international outcry after the jihadist Islamic State group circulated a video last month showing its militants bulldozing the ancient Assyrian city…
8 May 2015
FOR President-elect, General Muhammadu Buhari, failure is absolutely unacceptable because the expectations of Nigerians are over-the-roof! However, one sector of the economy that has probably not been given enough attention is tourism and hospitality.
3 May 2015
THE euphoria of having the world’s most powerful president visit their village was palpable. For weeks, the federal government got the community and its people ready.
29 Apr 2015
Structural evidence of early astronomical activity, survives in the form of ancient observatories, commonly called “Stone Circles” (often, “Calendar Circles”). As with artificial fire, the world’s oldest observatory is also in Africa—at Nabta Playa, in southern Egypt.
24 Apr 2015
NAPOLEON Bonaparte (1769-1821), a French military general, who became the first emperor of France, in his drive for military expansion to change the world, once described Istanbul, Turkey this way: “If the world were a single state, Istanbul would be its capital.”
17 Apr 2015
Germany will hold a memorial service Friday to mourn the victims of last month's Germanwings crash, blamed on a depressed co-pilot believed to have deliberately steered the plane into a mountain.
11 Apr 2015
South African Tourism, in partnership with the Nelson Mandela Foundation, has developed a new mobile phone App that will provide information to tourists and South Africans looking for sites and attractions associated with the late South African President and global icon, Nelson Mandela.
10 Apr 2015
French President Francois Hollande will step back 36,000 years in time Friday into a darkened, cool cave to admire the earliest known figurative paintings of hands, bears, rhinos and panthers. But he will actually be above ground, inaugurating a giant, millimetre-by-millimetre exact replica of the closely-guarded Grotte Chauvet in southern France, unearthed by chance in…