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8 Apr 2015
Japan's imperial couple arrived in the Pacific island nation of Palau Wednesday, the site of a fearsome battle with American troops, on a rare overseas visit related to World War II.
6 Apr 2015
KINGSTON, Jamaica —Sound rises like a cliff wall — drums, trombones, trumpets, the ubiquitous vuvuzela, the odd French horn and 10,000 fans screaming. On the blue track below, 15-year-old boys have shot out of the blocks for the 400 meters, postures erect, arms slicing through the tropical air like knives.
29 Mar 2015
WHENEVER the name Ogbunike is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is the Ogbunike Cave, only a few will remember the town as country home of the late flamboyant politician and former Senate President, Dr. Chuba Okadigbo.
9 Mar 2015
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon voiced outrage Sunday over the destruction by the Islamic State group of Iraqi cultural sites, and urged the world to stop it. "The secretary-general urgently calls on the international community to swiftly put a stop to such heinous terrorist activity and to counter the illicit traffic in cultural artifacts," Ban said…
6 Mar 2015
VISITORS to ITB Berlin can this year obtain inspiration for planning their next holidays in socially responsible ways.
27 Feb 2015
ARCHAEOLOGISTS expressed fears Friday that after ransacking the Mosul museum in Iraq, Islamic State group jihadists would embark on a systematic destruction of heritage in areas under their control. Particularly at risk are the ancient cities of Hatra, a UNESCO world heritage site, and Nimrud. Both are south of Mosul, which has been the jihadists'…
5 Feb 2015
•Continued from yesterday SO, where does Islam fit into the picture? Does the jihadist perpetrators’ claim to represent Islam authenticate that claim without reservation? If so, then can one presume automatically that Anders Behring Breivik was a Christian terrorist because he claimed he was motivated to preserve and safeguard Christianity and largely Christian nations from…