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19 Apr
In this commentary, the author dispassionately examines the origin, essence and operation of the concept of presidential power-rotation within the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) as well as recent developments and efforts made by the leadership of the NBA to ensure sustenance of the concept...
12 Oct 2021
Harry Potter author JK Rowling on Tuesday released her first children's Christmas book, inspired by lockdown and her son David's beloved cuddly toy pigs. "The Christmas Pig" is a story about "being lost and being found, about loving and being loved, about what stays with us and what falls away," the author told the Sunday…
18 Sep 2021
Teaching consent is an important part of educating a child on sexual health. It is, definitely, not an easy venture to talk about sex with kids.
29 Jul 2021
"Jungle Cruise," Disney's new nostalgia-soaked adventure film based on a 1950s theme park ride, has an unexpectedly modern twist -- one of its main characters comes out as gay. A scene in which Jack Whitehall's character discusses his sexuality with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's Amazon boat captain, though far from ground-breaking by modern cinema terms,…
11 Jul 2021
A day to the day when one of my grandchildren was to celebrate his third birthday last year, he and his immediate younger brother were struggling over the ownership of a toy when they came visiting in my Lagos home.
4 Feb 2021
The sales of sex toys have exploded during a period in which many businesses strived to survive due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, the lockdown caused millions of people around the world to find new ways to ease off the boredom, consequently shaking off the taboos around female pleasure. Speaking with AFP, Sofia (not her…
15 Dec 2020
"Love Me 'Til I'm Beautiful" crooner has revealed that she was left "physically sex" after a fan shared photos of a "terrifying" sex doll replica made that looks just like her complete with hair and makeup. The British singer disclosed that the fan claims to have sex with the doll and even dressed the sex…
26 Nov 2020
The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has asked Senator Ishaku Abbo (Adamawa North) to vacate his seat in the Senate following his defection, yesterday, to the All Progressives Congress (APC).
25 Nov 2020
Nigerian Senator representing Adamawa North in the National Assembly Elisha Abbo has dumped the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC). Abbo announced his defection in a letter addressed to the House, read by Senate President Ahmad Lawan during Wednesday’s plenary session. In the letter, Abbo stated that his decision…