Africas Most Handsome Lion Is Dead

Africa is known and respected for its rich wildlife, and also the beauty that comes with its environment. However it’s a sad tale for our lions, as Bob jr.  was fondly called, has departed the lion kingdom.

Also known as Snyggve in Tanzania, and regarded as Africa’s most photogenic lion, was mauled to death by seven others of his rivals who are themed to be stronger, younger and fitter than him. He was killed in a struggle for territorial gains.
The striking look in the lion’s amber eyes and a golden mane is what make it unique and different from many others of the packs. Named after popular reggae musician bob marley however the lion was between the ages of 10-13
According to a professor and director of the lion research center at the university of minnesota, Craig Parker, he said ‘’ bob was just an exceptionally handsome animal, he was the serengeti king of wildlife’’ he said, he’s so cute that he would knock your socks off, his luxurious mane is what people usually react to’’

Now the wildlife of the maasai park might have lost one of its most precious jewels, as people come from far and wide just to see the golden mane lion, believed to have died to a group of parks who are related to him.
One person who may miss the pride of Tanzania is Keith Somerville, a british conservationist, he felt he had never seen a more beautiful lion in her life than this. According to him, “I’ve seen an awful lot of lions, and I’ve never seen a lion with such an amazing mane,” he said.

Bob Jr. — in a break with the arc of the Disney movie “The Lion King” — ruled in a pair with his brother Tryggve. His brother, known as “Marley,” is reported to have been killed in a separate but related battle.
Serengeti National Park is home to at least 3,000 lions, as well as elephants, rhinos, wildebeest and other wild animals. The northern Tanzania park is also a U.N. World Heritage site and attracts thousands of tourists from across the globe each year.
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