Akeredolu orders investigation of alleged illegal detention of brother by chief judge

3 years ago
1 min read

Ondo State governor Rotimi Akeredolu has ordered investigation into the allegation that the Chief Judge of Ondo State Oluwatoyin Akeredolu illegally detained her brother Olupelumi Fagboyegun.

In a viral video, Fagboyegun accused Justice Akeredolu of using the state judiciary to persecute and illegally lock him up for more than three years.

He said the crime filed against him was that he forcefully entered his father’s house when he returned from abroad, where he has lived for over 30 years.

“Even if I was convicted of this crime it only carries one year prison penalty but I have been on open remand for the past three years,” Fagboyegun said in a viral video.

“This case has been going on for three years because the chief justice of Ondo State is using her power to influence the judicial system . I have been unable to get justice.

“They have changed judges 5times, they have arraigned me five times, they have changed charges five times

“Until today February 15th 2021 this case is still pending. Please come and rescue me.”

A personal assistant to the state attorney general said in a statement on Tuesday that the Department of Public Prosecution will immediately investigate the allegation made against the Chief Judge of the state.

“The Attorney General, Sir Charles Titiloye noted that the investigation into the matter will be thorough, fair and transparent in order to assure the public that Gov. Oluwarotimi Akeredolu SAN administration in Ondo state is determined to preserve the integrity of the Courts and the Judiciary and ensure that it remain the last hope of the common man,” Adenike Akinbosade said in the statement.

Akinbosade, however, the attorney-general “is yet to be briefed of the criminal case and have directed the Department of Public Prosecution in the Ministry of Justice to investigate the allegation contained in the online video clips and report back him within 24 hours.”


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