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The first week in May and some moviedom practitioners are in the news for the wrong and right reasons…….

Movie Producer Adanma Luke In The News For Right Reasons
Adanma Luke, the actress and producer on whose movie production some movie practitioners passed on in a boat recently, has been forced out of her mourning state. The mother of one recently reacted to allegations that she abandoned families of the cast and crew members who died in the unfortunate boat mishap. Adanma was accused of neglecting calls to help provide funds for burial and welfare of their immediate families.

Debunking the allegation in a post she shared on her Instagram handle, the actress and later day producer said she has been working with her team to ensure that their corpses are returned home. She wrote: “It has become necessary for me to make a statement because of the false allegations being made against me. Since the tragic loss of Junior Pope, Abigail, Precious, Friday and Olanti, my team and I have been actively collaborating with the families to provide all necessary funds as requested from the gravediggers to the divers and fuel for the police officers involved in the search for the bodies.

This also includes expenses for caskets, ambulances, and additional funds to cover other related costs.” Continuing, she added: “Each crew member’s family received agreed amounts, and some decided to have their loved ones buried by the waterside as they believe that those who die by drowning should be laid to rest near water. This ritual involved invoking the spirit into a casket lined with a plantain leaf, which was then sent to the family for burial. I have video evidence of their agreement to these arrangements.”

Adanma wrote: “Additionally, my team and I arranged the departure of the ambulance from Asaba to the homes of Precious and Friday. As a result of this, my team and I will be sharing details and video proof of everything that has happened since this tragedy.” It will be recalled that four actors and crew members including Junior Pope and make-up artist Abigail Frederick, drowned in Anam River on their way back from the set of Another Side of Life, a movie produced by Adanma. The incident occurred on April 10.

For Zubby Michael, Mourning Junior Pope Not About ‘Social Media Tribute’
TALKING about the death of the actor Junior Pope, ‘a late’ tribute has come from fellow Actor Zubby Michael. For those who know the relationship between the late actor and Zubby Michael, the tribute, which came 10 days after the boat incident, is ‘late’. But the 39-year-old has finally broken his silence on the death of his colleague. He shared a one liner tribute on his Instagram page that has received negative reaction. While several of Pope’s colleagues such as Ebele Okaro, Ini Edo, Destiny Etiko, and Jerry Amilo have publicly reacted to the death of Junior Pope, Zubby, however, maintained his silence. His one liner reads: “It is difficult to say RIP Nwanne.” Not a few of his colleagues spared him for not publicly reacting to the news of Junior Pope. But Zubby, as the actor is simply called, would return later on Instagram to drop another one liner: “Make una rest no be by posting’.

Marriage To Fredrick Leonard: ‘Silence Means Consent’ For Peggy Ovire
SINCE silence means consent for some people, wife of popular Nollywood actor, Fredrick Leonard, has decided to break her silence over claims by social media commentators that she forced her husband into marriage. Peggy Ovire and Frederick got married on November 19, 2022 in Warri, Delta State and ever since they tied the knot, there have been ‘all sorts’ of allegations about their relationship. But not wanting them to continue with the claims, Peggy took to her social media platform to write: “This got me laughing so hard… Forced my husband to marry me? Adamma Nora you don’t know me oh. Full Urhobo girl. Stop the hate. I’m always in my quiet lane. It’s not my fault that your father didn’t teach you how to place value on yourself. I know you still have a crush on him. No vex nah. But tearing your fellow woman on socials is you undermining the power of a quiet woman.” The Instagram user reply? We didn’t stay to read the reply.

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