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Understanding biblical way of Love, Sex


love--CopyWhy is ‘true love’ so elusive? Could it be that what we see of love in today’s culture is nothing more than illusion? If so, what does true love look like? The book How To Make Love Without Sex by E. C. Samuel attempts to help the reader discover God’s way of finding love and staying in love without sex.

The book provides understanding of the difference between love and sex. Against popular belief that the two must go hand in hand, and that God designed a beautiful gift (sex) for his people to enjoy, what is common is that sex has been exploited, cheapened and abused. In six chapters, 57 pages, Samuel attempts to clarify some of the issues that lead youths into confusing sex with love, which cause them to disregard God’s warning and clinging to what is obtainable or practised in the society.

Chapter one gives detailed explanation of what love should be, and also the fact that people love for different reasons as the situation warrants. Samuel sheds light on the wrong way people express love these days. Chapter two tries to separate love from sex, to give the reader more understanding of the two terms.

According to the writer, “Love is giving away of oneself for the benefit of the other, while sex is basically trying to have, enjoy, benefit, own, and posses another.” The author also looks at sexual shifts such as homosexuality.

How To Make Love Without Sex takes the reader back to some biblical examples where love was not impeded by sex, and where love existed between the same sex.

Ruth loved Naomi, but it was not the same we know lesbianism today. (Ruth 1 vs 15 to 18) Samuel provides 12 steps to expressing love without sex. Contrary to circular belief, he argues that love can be expressed without sex.

The book provides some counsels and guides to checking sexual appetite. According to the writer, “Nothing is wrong with sex until we get to that point where we become drunk with it, some call it ‘sexual addiction’.

Some people have allowed sexual desire to determine their marriage partner, place of worship, friends, where they live and career.” Lastly, the author wraps up the piece with a message of love, where he summarises what love is in three powerful keys: love is not a feeling or a gift, love is the greatest commandment, and love covers a multitude of sins

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