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When Legend Extra Stout ‘Taste & Tell’ wtouched down in Owerri

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31 March 2015   |   11:32 pm
When the Legend Extra Stout ‘Taste & Tell’ Touched Down in Owerri It was an exciting way to end a weekend for teeming consumers of Legend Extra Stout in the city of Owerri, Imo State. Cool as the evening of Sunday, March 22, 2015 was, the excitement in the air around Umunkoto along the ever busy Nekede Road, was palpable; even a visitor could tell something was up in the vicinity.

Legend Extra StoutWhen the Legend Extra Stout ‘Taste & Tell’ Touched Down in Owerri It was an exciting way to end a weekend for teeming consumers of Legend Extra Stout in the city of Owerri, Imo State.
Cool as the evening of Sunday, March 22, 2015 was, the excitement in the air around Umunkoto along the ever busy Nekede Road, was palpable; even a visitor could tell something was up in the vicinity.

As early as 7:30pm, the Event section of the Winter Suite Hotel had no empty seat available. Bottles of Legend Extra Stout, Nigeria’s fastest growing brand, and a few other brands from the stables of Nigerian Breweries Plc., littered the tables where the occupants swayed to the contemporary hit songs blasting from the giant speakers strategically mounted around the arena.

The event was the Owerri leg of the second edition of ‘Taste & Tell’ campaign, an in-bar activation powered by Legend Extra Stout. The first edition held last year across Lagos state only. The event went full blast at exactly 8pm when the compere for the evening, De-don, a popular comedian mounted the stage and welcomed everyone and thanked them for coming out to support their brand. De-don went on to explain what the event was all about and proceeded to drop a few rib cracking jokes targeted at the Igbo people.

De-don eventually exited the stage for the Platinum Blazers, the Live band for the evening. The band did not disappoint as they got people gyrating to different melodious tunes from old to new school and from hip-hop to highlife.

It was pure fun as the crowd cheered and sang along. After a while De-don returned to the stage and this time Nigerian artistes and their style of music were the target of his hilarious jokes. He however paused to usher to the stage, three ladies clad in Igbo traditional attire who dramatically display and explain to the crowd, the key features of Legend Extra Stout.

The key features are the unique bitter taste, the thick long lasing foam head, and smoothness that stand the stout brand out. Like the Lagos and Benin activations which featured Yoruba and Benin cultural performances respectively, the Owerri leg also featured a performance by Nna Nyelu Ugo cultural group.

The group took the audience, which had the Igbos in the majority, back to their roots with their soulful rendition of traditional folk songs. Comedian Funny Bone was next to take the stage and got the crowd reeling in laughter with his jokes which centred on the women folk. The high point of the event, however, was when the audience took centre stage to play the ‘Taste & Tell game.

The ‘taste-and-tell’ game, involved a blind taste game where volunteer tasters tasted several drinks poured into cups marked ‘A’ to ‘C’ after which they were asked to identify the cup that contained Legend Extra stout.

Participants who correctly identified the cup were rewarded with fantastic prizes such as 9.5kva generating set, LED TV and a refrigerator among other things. The game was conducted in batches of three volunteer tasters. Two out of the three tasters- Vitalis Chilaka, a 300L under graduate of Quantity surveying, Federal Polytechnic, Uwana, and Augustine Chukwuebuka, and upcoming artiste correctly identified the glass that contained Legend Extra Stout after tasting the unidentified drinks in the first batch. For their feat, Vitalis and Agustine were rewarded with a 32’ inch LED TV and refrigerator respectively.

Reacting to their winnings the duo attributed it to their loyalty to the Legend brand for a long time during which period they have become accustomed to that unique bitter taste of Legend Extra Stout.

“I volunteered to play the game because I knew I would win. I have been a Legend Extra Stout loyalist for years now, so I was sure I won’t miss that unique bitter taste and the feel of that rich foam head”, Vitalis said.

On his part Augustine said, “Legend has been my best drink for over four years now. You can’t be loyal to a brand like that and fail to distinguish it from other brands even when blind folded. Almost all stout brands have bitter taste, but the bitter taste of Legend Extra Stout is unique”. Gift Chukwuoti, a 500L medical Student at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka emerged the winner in the third batch and was rewarded with a 9.5kva generating set for his feat.

Reacting to his winning, visibly elated Gift was full of praises for Legend Extra Stout for the gift and confessed that he never expected that he would go home with such a prize as he had just come to the venue with no prior knowledge of what was going on.

“This is quite surprising for me; I’m really short of words. I came in here not knowing something like this was going on but here I’m going home with a giant generating set. I want to thank Legend Extra stout for this”, said Gift.

Asked how he was able to identify the brand from among many unmarked drinks, Gift was quick to say, “I’ve been a Legend Extra Stout loyalist for four years now, so I couldn’t have missed that unique bitter taste that only Legend possesses”. Speaking about the activation, Emmanuel Agu, Marketing Manager, Lager (Gulder, 33 export, Life & More) and Stout (Legend, Turbo King &), Nigerian Breweries Plc., explained that the in-bar activation was introduced last year after Legend Extra Stout was repackaged as a way of is the brand’s way of reinforcing in the consumers the key features of the brand despite the its new package.

He said that it will also serve as a medium to engage and reward its teeming consumers for their support over the years. “We started the Legend Taste & Tell activation last year after the brand was repackaged and we are continuing with it this year because it is a unique way to engage and reward our teeming consumers for their continued support for the brand.

It also provides platform for us to reinforce in consumers the unique great taste of Legend Extra Stout despite the brand’s repackaging, and also serve as a medium to reinforce in them those key attributes of the Legend brand that makes it stand out”. Over the years, Legend Extra Stout has continued to position itself as a credible choice of stout that is full brewed the way an original stout should, giving Legend that credibility to be called the Real Deal.

This sincere proposition has sustained the brand s’ growth since the re-launch and acceptance in 2009. It will be recalled that in 2012 Legend Extra Stout won the prestigious Monde Gold Award of Quality, a feat which further validates the exceptionality of the Legend brand as the ONLY Real Brewed stout in the market. In 2014 Legend Extra Stout was repackaged in Stanoil foil and metalized labels.

In the same year Legend Extra Stout via its National Consumer Promo, took 30 Nigerians to an all-expenses-paid shopping spree in Dubai, United Arab Emirate. Agu, who disclosed that the activation train will touch designated locations across the country from March to June, 2015, enjoined consumers to look out for when the train will stop in their cities and join the fun.