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Digital streaming contributes to Afrobeats hitting the UK music chart, says Mr Yomi

By Guardian Nigeria
20 August 2022   |   12:52 am
It’s no longer surprising that Afrobeats has been among the top genres topping the UK music charts in the last decade.

Mr Yomi

It’s no longer surprising that Afrobeats has been among the top genres topping the UK music charts in the last decade.

From the days of D’Banj’s Oliver Twist to the current days of Peru by Fireboy DML, Afrobeats has proven that it’s here to stay as a major music genre in the world.

For millions across the world, listening to music means streaming music. It’s so popular that it was able to eradicate the use of CD players and the likes. Most streaming platforms offer an astonishing library of songs, playlists and albums at a monthly subscription service, cheaper than buying physical CDs.

Some people may ask, “How does streaming work?” I was about to explain before you asked. Streaming works by sending information (songs) from the server to an individual player, the song has been saved on the server as a raw file, which is usually big. These files are compressed and travel over the Internet whenever a user requests to listen to a song when the song reaches your device, it will decode with the support of an app or plugin.

Although people state the fact that the quality of the sound is reduced because the file has been compressed, trust the users don’t price quality over quantity. The access to a lot of songs available and how easy to find and listen to them. Study shows the outbreak of Covid also make many users that using streaming platforms more. Examples of streaming platforms include Spotify, Apple Music, AudioMack, and Boomplay among others.

The streaming platform has impacted artists by providing another major source of income by getting royalty payments. Many Indie Artists can now make a living with their music without being signed to a Major Music Label as long as they get their music PR and marketing right.

Streaming has changed the music charts over the years giving Afrobeats Artists the right to contest with other major Artists across the globe. From my explanation, you will agree that streaming a song is not the same as buying a single CD or even downloading the track because of storage issues.

Afrobeat was able to ride on the wave of this era of streaming, leaving the world at large to see that will have the numbers. It’s so overwhelming because we have a lot of Africans settled in the Uk consuming our music every second of the day. Afrobeats is getting the attention it requires to put our songs on the UK music chart. The likes of Davido, Wizkid, and Burna Boy among others are selling out shows of 20,000 capacities like it’s nothing. Our Artists now drop songs without waiting for any validation by international acts because we’ve got soldiers of listeners across the streaming platforms ready to consume the songs.

Let me introduce myself to you before dropping my Pen. I am Mr Yomi, an Afrobeat, Afropop and urban Contemporary Artiste based in London, Uk. Music has been part of me since childhood, thanks to my Father who will play classical music or instrumental as early as five am. When we get to his car, music continues with Gospel songs and the highlight of the day is when he returns from work. The songs of King Sunny Ade, Chief Commander (Ebenezer Obey), Abami Eda (Fela), Shina Peters etc will play till bedtime. At some point, i thought my father was a part time DJ.

I’ve been able to take advantage of streaming platforms and social media to build an organic fan base across the globe and still counting. With the help of Digital Marketing and good music, my songs and brand have travelled all over the world. Songs like Number One, Mingle and Falila have done magic in the UK with many more still to come.