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Jaye IV – Budding Lagos hustler redefining the rap scene in Africa


Good things happen to those who hustle! The greatest misconception amongst young creative minds of today’s generation is a notion that the world owes them; hence they fail to work and make effective decisions for their art.

However this isn’t the case with Jaye IV, a Lagos based rapper, singer, songwriter and full-time hustler. Coming from a city where your hustle game determines whether you eat or retreat, Jaye IV understands the essence of the grind. . He is an optimistic and hardworking guy who puts in his best in all he does and expects the best result from it.


Inasmuch as Jaye places confidence in his optimism, he is at the same time realistic. He fathoms that we live in a real world and just need to face reality squarely every day.

Jaye IV’s music comes from an imaginative and creative space; so he engages himself in unconventional activities which help him express his art in unique ways and patterns where other music artistes can’t. Although his works cut across almost all genres, he specializes in rap, afro-pop and afro-swing.

Pick a Side, his first project was released in November 1st 2019 and received massive airplay and appreciation from his fans and music lovers worldwide. Due to the positive reception it garnered, Jaye was obliged to drop a second project which serves as a ‘part 2’ or sequel to Pick A Side and that’s how Pay The Price was born. The original concept he planned was a single project titled ‘Pick A Side or Pay The Price’, but after settling for ‘Pick A Side’, Jaye knew a sequel had to follow or the whole story will be incomplete so he recorded ‘Pay the Price’. The idea behind both projects is a message which means ‘what you put in is what you’ll get out’, an in-depth reflection on sins and repercussions.


With his wealth of talent and ability to blend vocals with his features, Jaye has created a solid musical relationship with Buju; together on a track and as close friends. Buju featured on tracks in Pick A Side and their connection was ecstatic. Jaye plans to release more songs with him in the coming future. Jaye describes Buju as someone he enjoys working with and loves watching while he creates his craft because he learns from his creative process and ability.

Jaye IV has devoted himself to making time and the needed sacrifices in order to fully achieve everything he seeks to achieve, fully reaching his potential and pursuing his passion. He believes you either ‘Pick a Side or Pay the Price’. This state of mind reflects on where he comes from and the current stage of his life, being a young creative in his early twenties living in Lagos. ‘Pick A Side or Pay The Price’ is a survival instinct, a societal reality about making decisions and taking actions that will decide your life, it instigates being a predator or a prey, an oppressor or the oppressed.


In an industry where the statistics and reality proves that singers are more successful than rappers, Jaye IV stands out with an idealogy that rappers can still be ahead of the game. He believes that when you look at rappers like Dagrin, MI Abaga, Ruggedma, Naeto C, ElDee the Don, Mode Nine you’ll still see that we’ve had a lot of successful rappers from Nigeria. Nigeria has had one of the biggest rap exports out of Africa and it’s still very possible to be, it’s just a different ball game from singing. All you need to do is hustle!

Jaye wants to be remembered as one who strived and gave his all to everything he ever did. As a person who made beautiful and ever-green music.


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