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My passion for music outweighs the challenges – FILS IRL

By Guardian Nigeria
12 March 2022   |   5:51 pm
Young artiste, FILS IRL (Feelings into living stories in real life) is a Nigerian Afrobeats musician who has shown that passion always wins the game.

Young artiste, FILS IRL (Feelings into living stories in real life) is a Nigerian Afrobeats musician who has shown that passion always wins the game.

The singer who was born and bred in the city of Lagos, Nigeria as Michael Efe Aniboh, also known by his stage name FILS IRL is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, and performer.

Having been in the music scene for five year, he started his career in 2019, releasing four songs in a short period of four months, cementing his presence and name in the music industry.

When asked what fueled his strong and obvious passion for music, he had this to say: “I have always had a budding passion for music and all things relating to music, and from an early age, Michael Jackson was my role model. I used to watch him on television and mimic his movements and the way he sounded; and from that moment, despite being young, I knew music was a path I wanted to explore. He was a major contributor to my pursuit in music.”

Growing up, FILS was surrounded by music; he was exposed to a plethora of genres, artists, and sounds from Westlife, Billy Ocean, Rod Stewart, Luther Vandaroos, and so many others. His view on music was anything but one-dimensional, as he enjoyed quite a variety of sounds.

When asked about what he wants to bring to the music industry, he responded: “Now that music has evolved, I seek to use my lyrics to bring my songs to life and make melodies that will soothe the listeners’ ears.”

His song Tsunami which was released late last year was a brilliant piece that reinforces FILS stance in the music industry. The song is an Afro-fusion piece that has a mix of genres ranging from classic Afropop to a bit of R&B and Soul. The Chuckie produced sound is a blend of up-tempo tune with a slow rhythm, followed by lyrics of how much FILS adores his love interest.

FILS keeps proving that he is as diverse as they come when it comes to playing around and killing every single genre he works on. His upcoming single – Money Riddim – which is set to be released on the 11th of March, is definitely a song to watch out for. Money Riddim is an amapiano infused track with electrifying drums and percussions which would instantly get you on the dance floor.

The song was inspired by Rihanna’s ‘Bitch Better Have My Money.’ Money Riddim encapsulates a gangsta rendition of Rihanna’s song, the lyrics in tune with the vibe of demanding what is yours.

His musical career has not been the easiest, but his passion for music outweighs any obstacle he might face.

The singer he said this: “After taking a brief hiatus to improve myself as an individual and also to rediscover my sound, I will confidently say I have a team of fantastic people who have my back and want me to succeed. This has been my lifelong dream and I’m prepared for anything that is to come.”

FILS IRL lyricism is impressive, to say the least, and his musical depth and passion for exploring all the multiple arrays of sounds in music make him one to watch out for.